September 2017 Newsletter
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ABB's IRB 910SC (SCARA) is Fast, Cost-effective and Accurate

In designing its Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm (SCARA), or IRB 910SC, ABB has delivered a single arm robot capable of operating in a confined footprint. ABB’s SCARA is ideal for the small parts assembly, material handling and parts inspection.

Watch the YouTube Video to see for yourself!
Compact IP67 Controller with CODESYS 3

Turck released the TBEN-PLC CODESYS 3 compact IP67 PLC for controlling mobile or modular machines. Thanks to its robust housing and high degree of environmental protection, the TBEN-PLC can operate directly on-machine, or vehicle enabling the implementation of machine control without the need for a control cabinet. Using machine automation concepts and the use of pre-assembled cordsets reduce the cabling effort and simplify installation.

L-GAGE LTF Series Laser Sensors - A New Class of Long-Range Time-of-Flight Laser Sensors

The new Series Laser Sensors are now available in extended range models capable of reliably detecting and inspecting objects from up to 24 m away without the use of a retroreflector. The sensors achieve accuracy error of less than 1% of range and less than 25 mm of accuracy error when using a white target. They offer greater range capabilities than similarly priced time-of-flight sensors and are an affordable alternative to sensors with similar range capabilities.

The New VL2 9000

The new VL2 9000 expands the VL2 family of rugged, industrial PCs at the high-end. It features a high performance processor and is available in both box IPC and panel PC configurations. Its robust design and protective capacitive multi-touch gives this PC an outstanding visual display. This new CPU choice provides superior processing power and enhanced graphic performance making it an excellent choice for the most demanding control and visual applications.

Unidrive M100 - M400 Upgrades

Control Techniques range of general purpose AC drives with ratings up to 200 hp have been upgraded and now offer even greater functionality and ease of use in addition to their class leading motor control performance. Click here to go to their website.
In-Browser VNC Viewer

Click here to read about the "In-Browser VNC Viewer," new for the 7.2 Secomea release.
IAI's RCP6 Series, the Next-Generation ROBO Cylinder


  • Battery maintenance is not required because there is no battery.
  • Since home-return is not required at equipment startup or after an emergency stop, this feature reduces operation time and production costs.
  • Price is the same as the conventional incremental encoders.
  • Compatible with PowerCON, the controller equipped with a high-output driver.
MAGPOWR Launched a Larger Thin Load Cell 

Available in two sizes, MAGPOWR TLC load cells are extremely accurate devices used to measure web tension in any unwind, rewind or intermediate web processing application. Delivering precise web tension with low temperature drift due to a full Wheatstone bridge construction, the load cells allow for force measurement and 10 times overload protection in both force directions.
With a low profile design, space between the machine frames dedicated to the load cell is minimized. The load cells can also be mounted on the outside of the machine frames, eliminating any space required for the load cells.

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