September 2019 Newsletter
Join us for our first ever Williston Tech Fair on September 25th in Williston, North Dakota! We’ll have our band of automation experts and trusted vendors together for the first time in this region. Stop by for lunch, giveaways, raffle prizes and two seminars from two of our newest vendors: Bedrock Automation and Macurco Gas Detection.
CMSE® - Certified Machinery Safety Training

A collaboration between two international leaders in their respective fields, Pilz and TUV NORD, Certified Machinery Safety Expert training is the foremost machinery safety training of its kind in the market. Our Training Instructors have extensive experience in the field of machinery safety therefore they have the ability to utilize worked examples from projects to ensure attendees gain both a theoretical and practical understanding.

This training will be hosted at Power/mation in Saint Paul, Minnesota November 5-8, 2019. For fee and prequisite information, visit the registration page and click on the "Saint Paul, MN" application. For an overview of the 4 day course, click here.

Painless Stainless Modifications

Traditionally, stainless steel enclosures are extremely time-consuming to modify by hand. This is no longer the case with help from Power/mation Solutions Group. Our skilled team is experienced in working with stainless steel enclosures. Take a look at our capabilities at the Power/mation Solutions Group page of our website to learn more and start a custom Rittal configuration of your own.
The World's First Volumetric Radar Sensor

Power/mation is proud to be the number one Inxpect distributor in the USA. The Inxpect LBK radar safety sensor is a complete game changer with the ability to operate in areas where other sensors cannot.

Watch the video for a quick look at the technology and visit the Inxpect page on the Power/mation website to learn how to get started with the future of industrial safety.

EC Gold Series Motors

The EC Gold series is a synchronous PM motor designed to be a highly efficient, compact package that is interchangeable with standard induction motors. All frame sizes meet NEMA dimensions for ease of installation and retrofitting. The platform is designed to be used with an industrial PM drive while simplifying component replacement compared to similar integral solutions. The synchronous PM design offers excellent speed regulation with no feedback required and maintains high efficiency over a wider range of speed than traditional induction motors. Ideal for applications that require a smaller footprint and quick ROI.

Learn more from ABB .
Introducing The WLB72 Basic Series Led Task Light

Bright, Energy-Efficient Lighting for Work Areas

Banner’s new WLB72 Basic strip light is a bright, high-efficacy LED task light for use in industrial work areas. The WLB72 enhances overall visibility, improves worker productivity, and reduces energy costs in a variety of applications requiring bright, uniform illumination.

Learn more from Banner Engineering .
PSRswitch – The RFID Non-Contact Safety Switch for Intelligent Safety Door Monitoring 

The PSRswitch is an RFID coded, non-contact safety switch with a compact design. Thanks to the integrated RFID transponder technology and intelligence, you receive maximum protection against tampering and outstanding safety in accordance with EN ISO 14119. With compatible evaluation units and SAC cabling, Phoenix Contact provides a cost-effective, complete solution for flexible safety door and position monitoring for the digital factory.
Click below to learn more about the PSRswitch and the complementary PSRmini - the world's slimmest safety relay, with force-guided contacts.

Introducing Two New Draw Wire Encoders

The DW60 & DW120 with integrated inclinometer. Users can now get length and measurement in one device, saving costs. This high strength IP69K-rated offering is ideal for the harsh conditions and outdoor applications found in mobile equipment. Applications include boom extension/retraction feedback and outrigger position feedback. The DW60 offers a measuring length up to 4 m and the DW120 offers a measuring length up to 10 m. Available with Analog & CANopen outputs.

Read up on the DW60 and the DW120 .
The SPAN Pressure Sensor

The pressure sensor SPAN is suitable for monitoring compressed air and non-corrosive gases. The sensor can be used in many branches due to the compact design. The measuring method is based on a piezoresistive measuring cell for relative pressure
measurement. The pressure value is transmitted to the connected control system as a switching signal, as an analogue signal or via IO-Link depending on the sensor variant and selected parameters.

Download the product specs and learn more on the Festo website.
Breakthrough ICS Performance and Economy with Extreme Cybersecurity Built In

Open control via Bedrock Automation optimizes your process at lower cost and with greater simplicity. Bedrock Automation provides free IEC 61131 engineering software and Secure OPC UA which enables you to integrate best-of-breed technologies around your unique business needs.

Since the Bedrock integrated development environment (IDE) is based on CODESYS, an industry-leading IEC 61131 platform, an object-oriented implementation approach is possible. This methodology groups common design elements into functional units, then extends them to provide more specific functionality, virtually eliminating duplicated code throughout the application. As well as leveraging the Global CODESYS Function Library. 
Click below to learn more. 
Oriental Motor is pleased to announce the arrival of EtherNet/IP™ communications protocol to the AZ Series AC input line of stored data network drivers. All of the AZ Series drivers feature remain intact in this new communications driver model and is compatible with all AZ Series family of products.  Read more.
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  • September 25, 2019 in Williston, ND
September Price Adjustments
Exlar (9/1/19)
Grace Engineered Products (9/1/19)
Horner Lighting (9/1/19)
TE Connectivity (9/1/19)
ABB Installation (S200/S200P) (9/2/19)
Grove Gear (9/2/19)
Hub City (9/2/19)
SolaHD (9/2/19)
IDEC (9/15/19)

October Price Adjustments
ABB Drives (10/1/19)
ACME/Hubbell (10/1/19)
Patlite (10/1/19)
Festo (10/14/19)
Phoenix (10/31/19)

November Price Adjustments
Eaton (11/1/19)
Banner (11/1/19)
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