The Power of Promotion - February 2020
Your promotional dollars leverage milk innovation to strengthen dairy’s presence and sales in restaurants and retail globally. New products and new uses for milk and milk components – proteins, whey, and various milk powders – are filling the consumers’ demand for more protein, greater convenience and a longer shelf life.

At a recent DFW board meeting, we had the opportunity to tour the University of Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research and learn more about the Beverage Innovation Center and some of the products that are being developed. The researchers at UW’s CDR continue to push the envelope – with a lot of innovative beverages in the pipeline using milk and milk-elements in new and exciting ways. There are some really neat innovations that we expect to see in-market coming soon.

Innovations and opportunities in dairy don’t end with fluid. Our industry needs to keep moving forward by developing new products and growing new markets like Hoard’s Dairyman Farm Creamery’s Port Salut-style and Camembert-style cheese varieties featured in the recent Power of Promotion video.  Hoards leveraged the capabilities at CDR to develop these wonderful products – helping use more Wisconsin milk.

David Bangart
Proud Wisconsin Dairy Farmer
DFW Board member representing District 7 – Clark County
Chair of the Channel Committee
Wisconsin Cheese in 98% of Grocery Stores
Did you know Wisconsin Cheese is found in 98% of retail grocery stores across the U.S.? Shoppers find Wisconsin Cheese in the traditional dairy department and specialty cheeses in the deli section. Cheese that is being identified as Wisconsin is seeing 5.2% growth in the U.S. compared to the 1.6% for non-Wisconsin Cheese in retail sales.

If you attended PDPW’s Dairy Insights Summit in Madison this past December, you heard from Chad Vincent, DFW CEO, and Mike Edge, Retail Marketing Manager. Mike’s role connects Wisconsin cheesemakers with corporate grocery stores and food distributors around the country, particularly in the North East home to some of the country’s largest cities.

Alternatively, Mike helps grocery stores source Wisconsin cheeses by introducing them to some of the unique flavors that are made here. 
Wisconsin Cheese in Foodservice
The Proudly Wisconsin Cheese badge is in demand and several restaurants are taking the badge to a new level. Some chains like Giordano’s Pizza have gone so far as to put the badge on restaurant walls on its 70 locations across 10 states from Arizona to Disneyworld in Florida.

Another restaurant, Gold Star Chili, has 85 restaurants in the Ohio area. They are long-time purchasers and supporters of Wisconsin Cheese and dairy farmers. They utilize Wisconsin Cheese within their chains and have asked permission to use the badge in the decor of its “Tom n Chee” restaurant banner (stands for tomato soup and grilled cheese). 
In Case you Missed It!
Our team strives to create lasting, meaningful connections with consumers through targeted marketing efforts. In fiscal year 2019, more than $30 million in non-purchased media value helped make Wisconsin cheese the top choice for consumers in Wisconsin, across the country and around the world. We recently worked with Pam Hodgson to showcase her story about how she went from dairy farmer to Master Cheesemaker with a story in the Wall Street Journal both in print and online which reached over 3 million people. 
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