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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Power of The Boating Community

Boaters VOTE

Ahoy Boater,

Power of The Boating Community


As a unique and tight-knit community member, have you overlooked the power the boater community wields? As a stakeholder in the Dana Point Harbor, you may find it interesting to look at some ways you can exercise your strength in this unique community. Ask questions! Raise awareness about what’s going on in the harbor. Attend the Spring/Summer 2023 “Coffee Chat” on March 17 at 8:30 am. Donate to the legal fund.


What do you think happens when profitability excludes all stakeholders of a business?


For a business to be successful and sustainable over the long term, a business must consider the interests of all stakeholders, not just profits. When profitability excludes any business stakeholders, it can have significant negative consequences for the company and society. In short, when gains overshadow concern for the stakeholders, it can lead to various adverse effects, including ethical and social issues, damage to the company’s reputation, and decreased innovation and adaptability.


Who are the stakeholders in the Dana Point marinas?


The stakeholders include the slip renters, tenants, employees, and others who use the marinas.


The class-action lawsuit moves forward. Several actions are now on the calendar.


  • April 14 – Motion to Certify Class
  • April 25 – Discovery Conference
  • May 19 – Motion to Compel


Additional Actions:


  • Depositions of Joe Ueberroth and Mat Miller are scheduled for early April.


Note: The Opposition to the Motion for Summary Judgment is massive!


5th District Orange County Supervisor Katrina Foley is interested in the future of Dana Point Harbor. Your presence sends a clear message! The size of the crowd significantly influences politicians. Think about it! A politician sees a group and visualizes potential votes! Express your power to facilitate change by attending this event. Follow up with your letters and questions during and after the event. Attending the event is a great way to demonstrate your power. Offer solutions to help the Supervisors exercise their oversight duty. Your voice and your written words matter!


Dana Point Boaters Association thanks you for your help and dedication to improving our home port marina experience. Feel free to fly your Home Port Flag at the event.


To your decisive success!


Meet your

5th District Supervisor, County of Orange

California Assemblywoman, 74th Assembly District


California State Senator, 36th Senate District

Legal Endeavors are Expensive

Lastly, legal endeavors are expensive, and we appreciate all who have donated to our legal fund.

Please consider doing so today. If you haven't donated, consider an ongoing monthly donation by clicking the box "Make this a monthly donation," click here. These legal costs keep mounting as we continue moving forward with the Class Action Lawsuit. Your information will remain private. 

In the meantime, please continue to submit your comments on slip rate increases and other subjects by Click Here.
All donations are private and your identity will never be shared

Your Dana Point Boaters Association Directors, Advisors, and Advocacy Members Thanks You For Your Support!

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