On the subject of growing up, biologists have long argued that what happens to us during the transition from juvenility into adulthood is a change of body and mind more profound than any other we experience. A few have even maintained that the hormonally controlled differentiation that takes the human animal through adolescence could reasonably be considered a variation of the biological ‘‘miracle’’ of metamorphosis. It is a hypothesis that strikes an intuitive chord: we all know that the process of growing up, even well beyond our teens, changes who we are at some level. Indeed achieving our adult selves, learning to take control of our lives, often entails something akin to a metamorphosis, a profound transformation of our mode of being in the world. ~ Polly Moreland

The longer I live, the more I metamorphose from role to role, from relationship to relationship. Growing up, becoming and transforming are delightfully constant and never ending.

Can you track your metamorphosis from then until now?
What do you imagine you will become next?
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May 31, 2020
Michelle McKenzie-Creech, CDFM

What does it mean to “just be yourself?” Our true self is who we are when we let go of all the labels, stories, and judgments we have made about ourselves. If you don’t define yourself, others will do it for you. Becoming isn’t a goal you reach; if you are lucky, it’s a journey with no end.

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