Onetime member of the UU Congregation of Princeton, theoretical physicist John Wheeler, claimed that the biggest boon to breakthroughs in his field was to "make the mistakes as fast as possible."

We all know the joy of learning something new, especially when that something doesn't rock the boat of our tightly-held assumptions—"Wow! Really? Amazing!" When a core belief or opinion is challenged, however, according to Wharton School professor of psychology Adam Grant, it can feel like "we've been punched in the mind (Think Again, 2021)." Grant suggests that if who we are is related more to the values we hold than to the knowledge we own, we'll be better prepared to shift, to be open, to think again, and to find the power in being wrong: after all, "if we can't learn to find occasional glee in discovering that we were wrong, it will be awfully hard to get anything right."

Being Wrong
by Gary R. Ferris
There’s one thing about being wrong,
That sometimes can be hard.
It’s that lump that you swallow,
When your inward pride is marred.

The pain that you feel,
And that embarrassing taste;
The emptiness inside,
When your plans are a waste.

Where do you go,
When you want to hide?
To erase the suffering,
You feel inside.

You’re afraid to show your face,
To all of your friends.
Alone and ashamed,
Putting off amends.

Does it all matter,
Who is wrong or right
When your friend is lost
To fear and fright?

It is only human,
To sometimes be wrong.
So swallow it on down,
And come back where you belong.

We are all here,
Waiting on you.
You know deep down,
You belong here too.

One way to find the joy in being wrong is to do it more surround yourself with people unafraid to tell you when you are wrong ... to stay in question learn a new skill.

When was the last time you felt the glee of being wrong?

What can you do to shake yourself loose from "what you know"?

Here's to walking a new route, on the road to thinking again.

See you Sunday.

Rev. Craig
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March 7, 2021
Thinking Again
Rev. Craig Rubano
One of the hardest things to do as humans is rethinking, exercising an ability to unlearn. And yet, in order to escape the weight of our underlying assumption, we must question ourselves, difficult though it may be. This morning, we’ll explore what committing to think again requires.

Music: Jan Dash, Lynn Dash, Rev. Craig
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