Good health is a temporary state of being for us mortal and fragile humans. While we are too easily hurt, we are also resilient, brave, and able to heal.
Our bodies and our spirits are designed to begin mending quickly
after an injury. Though it does take time and care
to return to a renewed sense of self and wholeness.
May our prayers for healing today make us aware of both
the fragility and growth in us all.
Remember, you are made for this life!
May we make it a blessing together.
Here's to your good health!
The Fix: On Breaking and Mending 

Rev. Virginia Jarocha-Ernst

With some fresh experience in the realm of accidents and brokenness (this summer’s bicycle accident and broken bones), I will reflect on the meaning of fixing, healing, and mending, and all we can and cannot do to make it so.

Music by Louise Chernosky, Jennifer Thomas and Dan Chernosky.

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