Hello to our whole community—of all ages!

Passover begins the evening of Wednesday, April 8 (tonight)! The word for Passover in Hebrew is Pesach (click for a video on how to say "Happy Passover" in Hebrew), which comes from the word for “passing over,” because it is said that on the night before the Hebrew people’s flight from Egypt, a tenth plague passed over their houses, saving their first-born children from death. Passover is a time to pray that freedom comes, one day, to all people who lack it, both in our country and around the world: freedom from poverty, freedom from fear, freedom from bigotry, freedom from violence.
At Passover time, we gather together as families—those people with whom we are the closest, the folks with whom we form vital communities. And children are required for the Passover celebration, for they must ask the questions that bring the stories to life—so a multigenerational setting is key!
The song, “Dayenu” (“it would have been enough”), a staple of Passover, celebrates the bountiful legacy present in the history of the Jewish people: the gifts of celebrating the Sabbath, having the holy books, and stories (which can seem, especially to kids, to go on and on and on!) of having been delivered from slavery in Egypt—any one of these “would have been enough”!
Passover teaches us that, when we are gathered together and we partake in rituals of remembering, what we are really doing is creating communities that have the kind of generosity that freedom requires.

Pesach Sameach! Happy Passover!

Rev. Craig and Michelle :)

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April 12th, 2020
A Time for Passover and Easter
Rev. Craig Rubano and Michelle McKenzie-Creech

Continuing our monthly congregational theme of liberation , join us for a multigenerational service celebrating Passover and Easter, complete with a virtual egg hunt!

Music by Louise and Dan Chernosky, piano and trumpet; Just Folk's David and Sarah Fischell, guitar and vocals


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