The forsythia is nearing full bloom where my driveway meets the road and, in front of my house, miniature daffodils and crocuses are showing their colors. All this lets me know what is true: at 11:49 PM on Thursday, March 19th, the Northern hemisphere will experience the vernal equinox: Springtime is here.

I challenge us to gift one another with images of nascent beauty. Right now, one thing we can do without fear is to get out of doors. So let's take our cameras, document the arrival of Spring in each of our corners of this world, and share the beauty with one another. Join up with our new Facebook Caring Community to share the beauty, add your photo to the Meditation post comments on our UUCMC Facebook page , or respond to this email with your picture of Spring.

See you this weekend!

Rev. Craig :)
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Roots to Branches
Rev. Craig Rubano
As our UUCMC In Focus campaign shifts from "Transforming Ourselves" to "Transforming the World," this week, we learn about interdependence from the hidden life of trees.
Music: Louise Chernosky, For UU Ukuleles

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