Beloved Ones, friends and strangers who we hope to get to know,

Sometime during the night, after watching election returns and feeling hopes for resolution drain away, we turned yet another corner. Leaning into the required patience for all the votes to be counted was and is an act of faith. Counting every vote matters so much more than our impatience. There is no certainty in the outcome at the moment. Yet that day will come, whether we are ready or not for it.

Meanwhile, we can wait it out together and keep the flame alive. Let's prepare ourselves for whatever challenges lie ahead. Join us tonight for a

Post-election Gathering on Zoom
Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 7 PM
Dial in: 1 646 876 9923
Meeting ID: 732 747 0707
Passcode: 1475

Being together in this moment may help us get through
the waiting together.

UU minister Rev. Joanna Fontaine Crawford shares
this advice for a day like today:

When you're hit with a crisis
Where uncertainty fills the room
Like a giant balloon leaving
Little space for anything else
Slow down, move back
Narrow your vision so that
You can only see a few steps
In front of you
What will you do this next hour?
Make the coffee, feed the pets
Set out the cereal and milk
Don't worry about deep breaths.
If all you can take are shallow ones
They'll do, just for the moment
And after that hour is done, what next?
If you look ahead farther, do it only
For the things that actually need to be done
Right now. Dinner? Okay, thaw the roast.
And come back to the present.
Don't get too far ahead.
When your breathing comes too fast,
Stop and only see the next hour.
Don't try to divine the future
Don't try to live out three different realities
Don't even try to be hopeful
Just be.
Just be.
Just be, one hour at a time.


November 8
Post Election Sunday: Now What!?
LIVE Zoom Service 10:30am
Revs. Virginia and Craig

Today is Wednesday, Nov. 4 and we do not know yet what to expect on this post election Sunday. We do know that we all have taken responsibility for this democracy by voting and making our voices heard. We do know that we will gather together LIVE ON SUNDAY MORNING to make sense of the results. As always, we do know that this community will show up with love and commitment to our values whatever the day may bring. We’ll see you there!
Thank you for your support of UUCMC as we bring our current situation into focus.