Power4Schools Customers and Potential NOPEC Letters requesting Action
Dear Power4Schools Member:

Some P4S districts have received a letter from NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) regarding electricity service for one or more of their accounts. The letter indicates that the district’s account(s) will be switched to NOPEC unless the district takes action to block the transfer from P4S to NOPEC. 

If you receive such a letter, we are advising that you respond to NOPEC by the deadline indicated in your letter using the “opt-out” reply card (s) included within the letter. We are also requesting that you send (mail, email or fax) a copy of the “opt-out” form to the OSC. Please email it to  bdelroso@osconline.org  or fax it to (216) 447-1606. This will allow us to verify that all of your accounts continue to be enrolled into the P4S Program. 

It is important to understand that if you do not “opt-out”, your account will automatically be transferred to NOPEC.  An image of the reply card is included below. 

For specific questions, please contact OSC Utility Coordinator Barb DelRoso at  bdelroso@osconline.org  or 216-447-3100.
NOPEC Opt-Out Card Example
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