Power4Schools Important Electricity Information and Update
Dear Power4Schools Member:
We have received several questions and complaints regarding energy broker ‘NavigatePower’ over the past week. Districts have been aggressively contacted to enter into electric power agreements beginning January 2020. These districts have been shown supposed “savings” that are based on inaccurate and expired rates, which has resulted in inflated and incorrect savings estimates.
Importantly, we have discovered that several districts have entered into new 2020 agreements with NavigatePower that are at a rate higher than the current P4S rate.
P4S has worked with legal counsel to issue an immediate ‘cease and desist’ letter to NavigatePower since we believe they are providing false, inaccurate and misleading information to districts.
While the current P4S contract goes through December 2019, P4S is currently out for bid for a new agreement that will be effective January 2020. We believe that the 2020 rate may be lower than the current rate of $0.0518/kWh.   P4S is working through the RFP process with our consultant, Palmer Energy, to secure an electric supplier to service districts, and will again require financial security and other consumer protections from the supplier to back up their contract obligations. 
P4S will continue to serve as a trusted advocate to negotiate for our member districts,
as we have done in the past. This has been possible because of the strength of BASA, OASBO, OSBA and the OSC and the over 250 participating school districts members. P4S will continue to provide your district with the best possible service, price, consumer protections and financial security.
The goal of P4S is to ensure that school districts obtain the best electricity agreement possible.  Before you enter into any energy agreement, please also know that you can always contact OSC Utility Manager Barb DelRoso at  bdelroso@osconline.org  or 216-447-3100 so she can ensure that any proposal that you receive is fair and cost effective. Barb will evaluate your proposal and obtain input from our Energy Consultant and Legal Counsel, if necessary, to ensure that you have accurate and trusted information upon which to make an informed decision.
Thank you for your support and attention to this matter. 
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