We've done it for you again!
Dear Power4Schools Member:

The pandemic has changed everything, but our commitment to you is still strong. We know budgets are going to be tight next year, so we are very excited to offer our member districts four new tools that can reduce your energy costs today and better navigate future price volatility.
Last year we offered the lowest priced electricity service in our history, an Energy Only, fixed price product for $0.03194/kWh for 24 months that has already saved P4S members over $1 million dollars. We can now offer the option of amending your current contract and offer you a new one with a price of $0.03140 and possibly as low as $0.03100. This new contract will blend your current one with a new lower price for an additional 30 months and contains all of the same important protections we secured in your current contract. If you would like to begin saving immediately contact barb delroso@osconline.org.

On-site solar generation unlocks a much larger energy savings potential and a lower total energy spend when compared to traditional power. The primary advantage is that because an on-site system does not use the electric grid, it avoids charges and fees on grid distributed power. P4S is now offering members the ability to save up to 33 percent on your total energy spend with no money down. Systems are custom designed for your facilities and include rooftop or ground mount options with 20 year fixed pricing. If you prefer a shorter term or have other constraints to an on-site system, We now offer ENGIE's Portfolio RE as a solution. If you are ready to explore renewable power for your district contact todd@powerforschools.org.
Improving energy efficiency is one of the best ways to control energy costs because the cheapest electricity is the electricity you never use or purchase . If your district is considering facility upgrades to improve lighting, HVAC or for COVID mitigation, we now offer ENGIE ADVANTAGE which is a simple on-bill financing program that provides capital to fund projects of any scale or size.

Capacity costs are scheduled to double in 2021-2022. Peak load alerts are a tool to help schools identify the potential five days of summer that are used to calculate capacity costs and to enable you to proactively reduce your energy use during those days. More information and our recent webinar is available here: https://www.osconline.org/p4s-program-survey/. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Barb DelRoso at bdelroso@osconline.org or Todd Main at todd@powerforschools.org.
Thank you for your continued membership in P4S and service to the students of Ohio.
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