P4S Supplier transition to ENGIE Resources

Dear Power4Schools Member:

We are excited to continue our mission of providing your district with historic electric savings and unmatched support.

Thank you for your patience and efforts as we work through the supplier transition from FirstEnergy Solutions (FES) to ENGIE Resources, which will begin in January 2020.

Transition Process
The transition from FES to ENGIE Resources should be seamless. Once your agreement is signed, ENGIE Resources will work with your local utility company (Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company) to ensure your accounts are enrolled.

You will likely receive multiple notices in the mail from your local utility (Toledo Edison, Ohio Edison, The Illuminating Company) for each of your electric accounts. This may include a notice informing you FES will no longer be your supplier and that the utility will begin to provide electricity generation as required by the Ohio Electric Choice Program. This notice is automatically generated by the utility anytime a supplier is changed. However, because you signed with ENGIE Resources you will also receive a subsequent notice from the utility informing you that ENGIE Resources will be your new supplier (to be mailed now through January).  If you don’t receive the notice listing ENGIE as the supplier, or if you receive a notice listing another supplier name, please immediately contact your utility and email Barb DelRoso at bdelroso@osconline.org to ensure your accounts remain in the Power4Schools Program.

Invoicing and Billing
Your last invoice(s) listing FES as your electric supplier will be sent in January or February, for December and part of January usage. These invoices will be based on the timing of when your meters are read. The first invoices listing ENGIE Resources as your electric supplier will be sent in February or early March, for part of January and February usage.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Barb DelRoso at bdelroso@osconline.org .
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