We are so grateful to have partnered with Central Iowa Shelter & Services (CISS). They are providing meals, at low cost, for our kids and staff. If that weren't already enough, they are also providing janitorial services three days a week at our facility through their job-training program. The circle of empowerment created by their clients serving our clients is great for everyone involved.

We're so excited to announce that we've partnered with Merle Hay Mall to help us collect the essential items we rely on year-round. Tune into 104.1 EZ FM from 11am-1pm on Saturday as they broadcast live from the YESS drop-site location.

We're looking for volunteers to monitor our donation drop-off on Saturdays, Sundays, and weeknights. Please reach out to Brette Puhl, Community Outreach Manager, at puhlb@yessiowa.org if you're interested in volunteering.

It’s absolutely normal to feel sadness or grief when you have lost someone or can’t be with those you love during the holiday season. Acknowledge and honor your feelings. You can express your emotions through crying, journaling, or talking to a trusted individual.

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A big thank you to Neumann Brothers for providing Thanksgiving turkeys to our hard-working staff to take home to their families. Our hearts are grateful for your generous donation.
Our kids went to bed with full tummies on Thanksgiving thanks to the team at Storey Kenworthy. They provided an entire Thanksgiving meal to our staff and kids. We value so highly your efforts and help.
Counting Blessings
Leisa Fox, CEO
In these difficult times, it is sometimes hard to see the little miracles happening every day. Through all the difficulties this year, I am constantly reminded of the positives.

We are blessed here at YESS to have an amazing team of dedicated employees who are constantly giving their hearts and souls to the kids and families we serve. Their steadfast support and determination to make difficult situations better is awe-inspiring.

The community never ceases to amaze me. If we have a need, it is filled. 

Duck Derby was canceled due to COVID-19. The community stepped in. 

School went virtual. The community equipped the shelter. 

Our therapists and workers had to adjust to teleservices. They did so expertly. 

I encourage all of you to do a quick inventory of the last year and see those little miracles. I guarantee, that like me, it will take your breath away. Thank you for all you’ve done for YESS, our staff, our kids and families in 2020. We are so excited to see what is to come in 2021!