[poweful pliers for cutting or mounting]

If you are seeking a powerful aid for cutting and separating, for pressing and crimping, for assembly or embossing seals, the most effective tool is a modern set of Air Pliers!

They carry out a myriad of tasks in series production, assembly and repairs within a huge variety of sectors, such as, mechanical engineering, maintenance, automotive assembly and the manufacturing of appliances.

Our Pliers are known for their ease of operations and long service life; a major benefit of pliers powered by air lies in their extremely small ergonomic design and low power-to-weight ratio.

DEPRAG is flexible in providing customized tools for your difficult crimping or cutting application!

Cutting Pliers

Cutting pliers are appropriate for separating metals such as copper, aluminum, beryllium, silver and steel, as well as plastics such as duroplastics, thermoplastics and composite materials. Explore here

Pressing & Crimping Pliers

These pliers are equipped with exchangeable pressing dies, such as those used to process wire end ferrules, hex crimps, BNC plugs, insulated compression cables, pipe cable lugs and crimped cable lugs. Learn More

Assembly Pliers

Assembly Pliers are suitable for all types of clamps - support clamps, hose clamps, spring clamps, clip clamps, automotive clamps, clic-clamps and cobra clamps, just to name a few. View here