Black History Walks Newsletter 12.4.2018
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16 years of Education Through Film
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How to Brainwash the Youth and make them act like Fools!
Sunday 22nd April 3pm

History, positive imagery, role models and the youth.
An in-your-face seminar aimed at young people to illustrate how they are conditioned via Hollywood movies, music videos, computer games and advertising to act dumb and love it. This presentation uses popular and mainstream culture combined with a Black history perspective. Real Housewives, Transformers, Call of Duty, Disney, Lil Wayne, Futurama, 300, GTA, Nikki Minaj, Mike Brown vs Chris Brown, Captain Phillips, Captain America, Pirates of Caribbean, all make an appearance
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400 Years of Black British Civil Rights Heroes
Pt 2/3 25th and 27th April 6.30pm

The bias in schools gives the impression that racism and civil rights was an American issue and totally ignores the struggles Black British people endured. We will cover: virginity testing at Heathrow, healthcare, housing, media representation, deaths in custody, Saturday schools, ESN classes, and much more. Free tickets HERE
Notting Hill Black History Walk
Sunday 22nd April 11.30am

There is much more to Notting Hill than Carnival but even that history is often mis-represented. Find out about pioneering African/Caribbean people who literally fought for equality and laid the foundation for modern multi-cultural London. Tickets HERE
Black Panther's real African history and the books to prove it !
Saturday 28 April 2pm

Millions have seen Black Panther but not realised the film references real African history. In this interactive audio-visual presentation we will use photos,art and trailers from the movie alongside quotes and interviews from the director, actors and writers. For each fact revealed, we will list at least one book/dvd which illustrates the actual black history shown in the film . We will also show which local and international museums you can find the evidence in. We will cover:

  • African female soldiers ancient and modern
  • 5 black female generals and Africa's real vibranium
  • Black female inventors and their inventions
  • The Black Panther Party in Brixton and Notting Hill
  • 5 revolutionary African leaders
  • 5 Ancient African writing systems that are NOT Egyptian hieroglyphs
  • Dress, design and architecture of west, east and south Africa
  • African spiritual systems pre -European invasion with real African Goddesses
  • The real Wakanda and the IMF/World Bank
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Black Power women of Brixton walk
Sunday 29th April

Black people in Britain fought for civil/equal rights as hard as their American counterparts. The role of women in this struggle has been severely marginalised. This walk will show the life, times, and activities of numerous African/Caribbean women in Brixton. From the 1950's to the 1980's Black women supported and led the anti-racist fight in housing, education, employment, media and politics. We will cover:.
  • Black Panther Women of Brixton
  • How the British school system made Black children 'Educationally Sub Normal'
  • The rise and importance of Saturday Schools and Black teachers
  • Olive Morris, radical, revolutionary and the fight for decent housing in Brixton
  • The legendary Claudia Jones ,1950's newspaper publisher and campaigner
  • How Dame Joceyln Barrow smashed the job colour bar in Oxford street and Brixton
  • The Organisation of Women of Asian and African descent.
  • The Depo Provera scandal, fibroids, birth control and conspiracy
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Black cowboys in 'western' movies, two films plus a presentation
Saturday 21st April @bfisouthbank


The beginnings of African cinema .Living legend Moustapha Alassane is driven by the desire to experiment and reinvent cinema on the African continent; this documentary explores his life and work. Alassane takes us back to the beginnings of African cinema and his youthful magic lantern shows, as well as his later forays into animation and low-budget westerns.


La Belle at the movies. Kinshasa, ‘Kin la Belle,’ is a city of 10 million people without a single cinema. This poetic homage to Kinshasa’s once-vibrant film industry includes interviews with filmmakers, cinema owners and government officials. It also documents the extraordinary Kinshasa cowboy culture that grew in response to the 1960s spaghetti westerns. This film will be introduced by the director. Plus The Return of an Adventurer ,Niger1966 Dir Moustapha Alassane.
Returning from the US to his village in Niger, a man brings western outfits to his close friends, who decide to become cowboys.


Africa goes West: The Black Cowboy. Join Black History Walks for an illustrated exploration of the African diaspora contribution to the classic Hollywood genre, the western. With expert panelists and a wide range of clips, we will consider the films and the genre from a cultural, historical and political perspective. Bring your own questions for a Q&A following the presentation.

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An African Odysseys event
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