Sheds of Hope News
February 16 2019
Mission to North America
Disaster Response
Student-Power Unleashed During SuCo!
If there is one thing I've learned, it's that you never know what God has for you just around the corner. From a January trip to work with 17 RUF students from the University of Kentucky came the opportunity to impact over 2,000 students this summer at RUF Summer Conference (SuCo). The students attending this conference range from kids who don't yet know Christ to those who are already exemplary leaders in their churches. What an exciting opportunity!

As I worked alongside the students in January, I thought of the proximity of the SuCo site to the active MNA Disaster Response site in Panama City - just 20 miles. Why not build Sheds of Hope during Summer Conference? Within days, approval came through. Who knows how God will use this time of working together to touch the lives of those who already believe, and those who are just on the verge of their journey of faith.

Over 2,000 students will gather in Panama City Beach during this annual, three-week conference. Please pray for all the details to come together. Our goal is to raise the funds needed to build 18 Sheds of Hope using SuCo student power. To support the 2019 RUF SuCo Sheds of Hope Build Click Here
Panama City is the next stop for the Wee Helper and me. If you live in one of the cities in this image you are within 300 miles of an active MNA Disaster Response Site that needs your help. You are part of what I call a "providing church." One of the ways you can help is to provide a pre-built Shed of Hope for one or more of the 55 families on our waiting list. Download the plans and start building. If you need help I am just a phone call away 214-763-2791.

Do you live outside the circle? Then you are part of a "traveling church." You don't have to pre-build Sheds of Hope, just come to Panama City and help with setting-up the sheds that the churches inside the circle have provided. To sign up Click Here
• In our last newsletter, I asked you to  Please pray for God to open doors for future Sheds of Hope Roadshows —
• Summer opportunities have exceeded expectations.
• December support was encouraging.
• Pray for safety and health during my travels between Texas and Florida.
• Pray for continued follow-up with families receiving Sheds of Hope, that relationships will be built that bring them encouragement and wisdom as they deal with the aftermath of the storm.
• Pray for volunteers and recipients who do not yet know Christ, that they will come to know our great Lord and Saviour
Pray that I will be able to encourage churches to see the importance and benefit to the kingdom when follow-up is done.