"Flipping the Table"
June 4, 2019
Volume 1, Issue 8
New Podcast Episode:
Powerful Women Reshape
Food and Farming


Today we feature noted author and activist Anna Lappé. The daughter of author Frances Moore Lappé and author, toxicologist and bioethicist Marc Lappé, she carries forward a bold legacy of calling out exploitation of people and the planet.

She is a recipient of the James Beard Leadership Award for her work that includes creating and distributing films that educate and inspire food system activism and appreciation for healthy food culture.

Anna has authored three valued books on food issues and those struggling against industrial food: Diet for A Hot Planet; Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen (written with chef Bryant Terry); and Hope’s Edge: The Next Diet for A Small Planet (with Frances Moore Lappé).

We think you’ll like this latest conversation with a powerful woman reshaping food and farming in America.
Visionaries, Activists and Producers

Our interest in women leaders emerges from our perception that female visionaries, activists and producers have been at the center of food system change since the beginning. In modern times one must think of scientist Rachel Carson, restaurant pioneer Alice Waters, author Frances Moore Lappé, farmer Judith Redmond, and dozens more.
Our series on women leaders includes conversations with Anya Fernald , CEO and cofounder of the revolutionary Belcampo Meat Company;
Naomi Starkman , pioneering media entrepreneur and founder of Civil Eats,
J. Miakoda Taylor , founder of Fierce Allies, which aids activists seeking to cross the boundaries of race and privilege;
Nicolette Hahn Niman , author and defender of sustainable livestock production;

and Navina Khanna , cofounder and director of the HEAL Food Alliance that is organizing the food movement on a national scale. They are all fascinating, courageous and inspiring women who each in their own way is building a new approach to feeding the world.
Watch for our next conversation with a powerful female leader, Leah Penniman . She is the author of the new book Farming While Black and co-founder of Soul Fire Farm in Upstate New York. Available June 18. (Photo credit: Jamel Mosely)

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