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Cybersecurity: Distinguishing 'make work' from 'make secure'  


By Jason Makansi, President, Pearl Street Inc, reporting from the 2012 Industrial Control System (ICS) Cyber-Security Conference

In August, 30,000 disc drives, representing 75% of the workstations of the petrochemical giant, Saudi Aramco, were hacked with a malicious virus called Shamoon. An image of a burning American flag replaced critical data on these machines.


The cyber-security threat is morphing. Owner/operators need to remain vigilant, not just about what the bad guys might do, but what the cyber-security experts, who mean well, are doing as well. Otherwise, you'll spend your time making work, rather than making your systems more secure. more

Clashing issue continues to dog 7EA owner/ operators; no TIL yet

The annual conferences of the 7EA Users Group traditionally begin with a State-of-the-Engine report by Advanced Turbine Support LLC, the inspection specialists who rely on borescopes and an assortment of nondestructive examination (NDE) tools to check the internal condition of more than 1000 engines annually. ATS's two-dozen plus technicians are respected industry-wide both for their expertise and for sharing their findings to help all users. more


Gas Turbine Controls Corp's Peter Zinman, participating in a panel focusing on control-system maintenance and upgrades at the 7EA Users Group's 2012 Conference in Greenville, SC, the week before last, suggested to owner/operators that they basically had four controls strategies to choose from: Upgrade to the OEM's latest system, upgrade to Ovation™, replace the turbine, do nothing. There's at least one other retrofit option, of course, a PLC-based controls solution, but the Steering Committee did not integrate that into the program, perhaps because it normally is considered for 7B-Es, not the younger EAs, or because at least some users perceive PLCs as potential cyber-security risks. more

V-panel HEPA filters maintaining high compressor efficiency

Five years ago, when RWE npower's John Macdonald spoke before the V Users Group about the value of HEPA filters for eliminating compressor washing, not many owner/operators saw the value in what he was saying. Even the editors thought Macdonald had taken a wrong turn on the trip over from the UK: Why would you opt for a filter that costs four to five times more than a conventional filter and penalizes the GT owner with a higher pressure drop? Macdonald, a solid engineer and very patient man, explained, using charts made by hand, that the life-cycle cost was less-gas-turbine performance being more predictable and significantly better with HEPA filters than it was with conventional offerings. more







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