Equipping farmers to build resilient farms and communities.
Field day attendees take a look at the cattle herd in Amanda and Knute Severson's pasture on Wednesday. Amanda and Knute own Grand View Beef, raising 100% grass-fed beef from birth to harvest on their century family farm in Clarion, Iowa. The family takes great pride in animal husbandry practices that ensure the cattle lead a calm and humane life.
Do you want to work with the PFI team and agricultural stakeholders across the Midwest to create more resilient farming systems? Apply today to our strategic initiatives coordinator position!

The strategic initiatives team works creatively to build collaborative connections between the private and public sectors that accomplish the goals of our farmer members on the broader Iowa and Midwestern landscape.
Learning and networking with other farmers helps you build a network to turn to when you need to answer the hard questions you’ll encounter in your beginning years of farming. Practical Farmers hosts a number of field days and workshops to increase your knowledge and build your network.

Each Savings Incentive Program graduate attends a minimum of four of these events each year. If you are ready to learn more and build your network then you should consider applying to our Savings Incentive Program!
In September, PFI's events and membership coordinator, Emma Liddle, took a trip to Spencer, Iowa, to chat with Dwight and Bev Rutter, who own and operate The Prairie Flower, a native seed and plant nursery and dealer.

The Prairie Flower is home to 580 acres of native plants, grasses and wetlands. Most of this land has been turned into seed and sold to establish more prairie across the state.
Practical Farmers and Farm Commons are teaming up to offer a legal workshop just for farmers and ranchers starting Oct. 19.

Because of our partnership with Farm Commons, we are able to offer the workshop at a discounted rate of $49, which includes a one-year membership and access to Farm Commons’ guides, webinars, resource library and more!

Agricultores aspirantes deben participar en el taller Explorando la Agricultura para hacer realidad sus ideas y su visión.

Este taller lo ayudará a determinar su propósito en la agricultura, determinar qué productos desean a producir y conectarse con personas que pueden ayudarlo a apoyar sus objetivos agrícolas.
Members in the News
Jean Eells of Webster City, IA, was featured on WHO 13: Drier heat waves threaten crops in Iowa

Jenna and Adam Cook, of Newell, IA, were featured in Iowa Farm Bureau's Family Living Magazine: A golden future

Bev and Dwight Rutter of Spencer, IA, were featured in Iowa Outdoors: Prairie Flower Farm

Lisa Schulte Moore of Ames, IA, was featured in the Des Moines Register: Iowa State ecology professor named first MacArthur Fellowship recipient from the university

Sara and Jim Anderson of Fairfield, IA, were featured in Morning Ag Clips: Sustainable Iowa Land Trust to permanently protect first sustainable table food farm in Jefferson County

Paul Mugge of Sutherland, IA, was featured on the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition's website: Farmers need our help tackling climate change
Have you been featured in the media? Tell us when and where to find a link to the article, and we'll feature you in a future issue of Practical News.