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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members and supporters. We hope you all feel appreciated and get some time to relax and reap the benefits of your hard work this weekend.

We are thankful for each of you!
Careful management and proper choice of variety can make oats a profitable crop due to their low input requirements and beneficial effects on succeeding crops in a rotation.

In the sixth year of PFI's oat variety trials, we screened 18 oat varieties at four Iowa State University research farms, and two varieties were compared on one organic commercial farm.
We are seeking a diligent, respectful and passionate person to serve as a strategic initiatives manager for the strategic initiatives team.

The strategic initiatives team works creatively to build collaborative connections between the private and public sectors that accomplish the goals of our farmer members on the broader Iowa and Midwestern landscape.

We are seeking experienced farmers who plan to hire an employee in 2021 to participate in our Labor4Learning program.

The program is intended to benefit both parties: aspiring farmers get a paid, on-farm job and additional training on how to run a farm business, and the experienced farmer gains an eager-to-learn employee.
Practical Farmers of Iowa gives this award annually to someone who has been most influential in creating healthy soil, healthy food, clean air, clean water, resilient farms and vibrant communities.

The recipient will be recognized at Practical Farmers’ virtual annual conference, Jan. 21-23.

Row crop and livestock farmers of all cover crop experience levels are invited to participate in a virtual cover crop boot camp, Dec. 3-4.

You will hear from a stellar lineup of regional cover crop farmer experts and academics on how cover crops boost soil health, suppress weeds and create grazing opportunities.
At the virtual Beginning Farmer Retreat, you will hear from other farmers like you and create a plan to start or keep your farm going.

“This retreat gave me confidence that I'm more prepared than I usually give myself credit for, and I gained new knowledge, especially from the farmer panel.” Carly McAndrews, past retreat attendee
Dec 3-4: Workshop - Cover Crop Boot Camp
9 a.m.-Noon | Online

Dec 8: Virtual Social- Randy Riediger
7-8 p.m. | Online

Dec 11: Shared Learning Call - High Test Weight Oats
12:15-1:15 p.m. | Online
Dec. 11-12: Virtual Retreat - Beginning Farmer

Dec. 15: Virtual Field Day- Wool: Shearing & Processing
2-3 p.m. | Online
Members in the News
Paul and Nancy Ackley of Bedford were featured in Wallaces Farmer: Faster fix for poor soils

Paul Ackley of Bedford and Zak Kennedy of Atlantic were featured in Wallaces Farmer: Seed summer covers for fall grazing

Paul and Nancy Ackley of Bedford were featured in Wallaces Farmer: 'All I needed to know'

Sarah Hargreaves of Aylmer, Ontario, was featured in Country Guide: Building interest for small grain cereals
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