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John Rock checks on the cattle in his pasture at his farm near Peterson, Iowa, in August. At Rock Cattle Company, John has been using managed grazing to restore native pasture, and he also grazes prairie on lands owned by The Nature Conservancy under a conservation lease.

In our forthcoming autumn magazine, we tell John's story of leasing grazing ground with The Nature Conservancy.
PFI member Rob Faux of Genuine Faux farm near Tripoli wrote a blog about how he uses PFI's open-access vegetable yield and production data website.

At this site, farmers and members of the public have open access to view, filter and download farmer- and researcher-submitted production and yield data.
Getting a start in farming can be difficult, and sometimes you need a little guidance to keep you on track. The Savings Incentive Program (SIP) was created to help beginners establish viable, sustainable farm businesses.
Here are three reasons to apply for SIP:
1. Receive guidance with creating your own business plan 
2. Connect to a network of peers and mentors
3. Savings investments will be matched up to $2,400  
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Check out our full slate of 2020 field days. Details and registration are now available.

Missed a virtual field day that you wanted to attend? There are a few ways to watch recordings:

Hosted by: Tom Wahl & Kathy Dice
September 16 | 12:30-1:05 p.m.

Hosted by: Sam Hitchcock Tilton
September 18 | 12:30-1:10 p.m.
Sept. 17 | 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Take a quick break to virtually gather and socialize with other beginning and aspiring farmers. Build your farming network and learn from others who have similar (or different!) farm ventures than you.

This month we will open it up for a Q&A on our Savings Incentive Program. Applications are now open for the SIP class of 2022! 

If you are thinking about applying, have questions about the application process or curious about the program, join us next Thursday.
Sept. 18 | 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Ever wonder how some farmers make cover crops pay? In this virtual gathering, learn about cost-cutting measures farmers are taking to make cover crops break even or better.

Join Becca Clay, PFI’s strategic initiatives agronomy coordinator, to hear results from a partial budget analysis of cover crop costs and revenues among cost-share participants.

Sept 16: Virtual Field Day - Cornelian Cherries & Asian Pears
12:30-1:05 p.m. | Online

Sept 17: Virtual Social - Beginning Farmer
6:30-7:30 p.m. | Online

Sept 18: Virtual Meet-Up - Coffee & Cover Crops
7:30-8:30 a.m. | Online
Sept 18: Virtual Field Day - Mechanical Weed Control
12:30-1:10 p.m. | Online

Sept. 22: Virtual Field Day - Testing Apple Varieties
12:30-1:05 p.m. | Online

Sept. 25: Virtual Field Day - Mechanical Weed Control
12:30-1:10 p.m. | Online
Members in the News
Heath Stolee of Radcliffe, Hannah Breckbill of Decorah and Rob Faux of Tripoli were featured in Civil Eats: Iowa Farmers Face Climate-Fueled Destruction, While the Industry Says it’s ‘Just Weather’

Maggie McQuown and Steve Turman of Red Oak, and Mark Peterson of Stanton, were featured in The Red Oak Express: Iowa Conservation Woman of the Year is McQuown 

A.J. and Kellie Blair of Dayton were featured in Country Folks: Growing high quality oats
PFI in the News
Practical Farmers of Iowa was mentioned in an article on Farms.com: Support for farmers to grow small grains
Have you been featured in the media? Tell us when and where to find a link to the article, and we'll feature you in a future issue of Practical News.