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Last week, Practical Farmers of Iowa members hosted part of PepsiCo's senior leadership team on their farms. PFI has been working with PepsiCo over the last few years to provide cost-share for farmers looking to get started with cover crops.

After recently announcing a commitment to supporting regenerative agriculture in their supply chain, PepsiCo leaders wanted to see what some of those practices such as diverse crop rotations and cover crops looked like on the ground, and hear from PFI farmers.

From left to right, Will Cannon, who farms near Prairie City, Iowa; Kyle Schnell, who farms near Newton, Iowa; Jim Andrews, chief sustainability officer for PepsiCo; and Ramon Laguarta, CEO for PepsiCo.
During 2020, we found many people enjoyed the opportunity to attend field days virtually, so we’re improving our virtual engagement options with a weekly series called “Live From the Farm.” This series builds on our 2020 virtual field day season, but with improved video and streaming quality.

Most Tuesdays from June through September, we will stream live from a member farm, aiming to showcase important farm activities that are interesting to see but harder to show and make engaging to in-person visitors, such as planting, harvest, cultivating, processing and delivery days.

These live events are interactive on YouTube Live, with chat enabled for attendees and the host, and will be available as recorded videos on PFI’s YouTube channel as soon as the live event ends.
The 2020 annual report is now available online. Inside you'll read about PFI leaders, staying connected, our growing supply chain relationships and more.

Our annual report is an easy-to-read overview of our activities from the previous year, including stories about our members, updates on our programs, financial information and more.

PFI seeks facilitator to help create a land access action plan
PFI members are increasingly aware of land access challenges facing current and aspiring farmers. As part of our work to address these land access barriers, we are performing a needs assessment that will help us create an action plan to address these challenges. This plan will guide PFI and our partners as we plan strategies to improve land access programs.

We are seeking a facilitator to help create this land access action plan. This person needs to be skilled and experienced with stakeholder facilitation, consensus-building and action plan creation. We are seeking to conduct this work in June 2021, so the facilitator would need to have availability then.

If you are interested and would like to learn more, or have recommendations to share, please contact Greg Padget at greg@practicalfarmers.org.
This year, we’ve planned a series called “Catching Up,” an ever-growing line-up of small, energizing, in-person gatherings on farms across Iowa. To keep our farmers, staff and attendees safe, each “Catching Up” event is limited to 15 attendees.

How does it work?
  • To get on the invitation list for “Catching Up” events, register here.

  • When we have an event that suits your interests and location, we’ll get in touch via email or phone. You might not hear from us right away, but you will receive an invitation at least two weeks ahead of the event.

  • “Catching Up” events are two hours long, and because of their limited attendance, will be more conversation-based than large field days can accommodate. Come ready to engage!
June 8: Live From the Farm - Bees, Beetles & Broccoli
10-10:45 a.m. | Online
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