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Dairy cows graze at Francis Thicke's Radiance Dairy near Fairfield just after milking on Wednesday. Radiance Dairy is an organic, grass-based dairy that sells its products to local grocery stores and restaurants in Fairfield, as well as to New Pioneer Co-op in the Iowa City area.

The cows are moved throughout the farm in 60 different paddocks and get new grass after milking in the morning and the evening.
In recent years, trials in Practical Farmers of Iowa’s Cooperators’ Program have been dominated by cover crops: over the past three years, 131 of all 233 on-farm research trials – or nearly 60% – have involved cover crops.

Thanks to this interest, and the efforts of the cooperating farmers conducting the research, evidence continues to mount about the benefits of cover crops and the management practices that can lead to success.

Would you like to get involved with PFI's on-farm cover crop research? Scroll down in this email to learn about some current opportunities.
Savings Incentive Program graduates Natasha Hegmann and Pete Kerns own and operate Turkey River Farm. Read how they built direct markets around rural Clayton County customers.
PFI member Dave Campbell, an organic farmer from Maple Park, Illinois, reviews John Bobbe's book on marketing organic grains.
Getting a start in farming can be difficult, and sometimes you need a little guidance to keep you on track. The Savings Incentive Program was created to help beginners establish viable, sustainable farm businesses.

Here are three reasons to apply for SIP:
1. Receive guidance with creating your own business plan 
2. Connect to a network of peers and mentors
3. Savings investments will be matched up to $2,400  
If you need help completing a successful application, read our four tips!
Last chance to get involved with these on-farm research opportunities!
Are you interested in conducting on-farm research on cover crops? We currently have three on-farm research projects in need of participants.

Follow the links for more information or to signal your interest. We have limited funding and would like to distribute the sites geographically as best as possible -- so unfortunately, we will not be able to accept all those who are interested.

Saturday, Sept. 28 | 1-5 p.m. | Chelsea
Hosted by: Adam Ledvina
Sept. 28: Field Day - Goats for Ecological Restoration
1-5 p.m. | Chelsea
Oct. 6: Field Day - Extending the Vegetable Season
3-5 p.m. | Mt. Vernon
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Jenny Quiner and Jill Duncan, both of Des Moines, and Greg Padget of Newton were featured in the Dispatch-Argus: Program pairs experienced Iowa farmers with trainees

Ben and Susan Albright of Lytton were featured in The Messenger: Farming smarter - Top 8 tips from a National Outstanding Young Farmer
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