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Thank you to all who attended our 2022 annual conference last week! It was special to reconnect in person and see the meaningful interactions between farmers, speakers, exhibitors, staff and volunteers. We're so glad you came, and we hope to see you next year!

In case you missed it, you can watch the recording of Laura Jackson's keynote address, "The Past, Present and Future Iowa Landscape: Studying the Horizon," on our YouTube channel.
Today is the last day to submit an application for our farmland viability coordinator position. The person in this role will join and support our expanding beginning farmer team.

This position is part of PFI’s farm viability department, which provides business and market development, technical and financial assistance and focused policy advocacy to reduce major barriers to resilient farming.

If you are curious about what it is like to participate in Labor4Learning, read DaQuay Campbell's story from the PFI magazine, "Starting From Square One."

The Labor4Learning program is designed for beginning farmers seeking employment and additional training in farm management and production skills.

Practical Farmers of Iowa “trainer” farmers are hiring during the next couple of months for the upcoming growing season.
It is common for nearby cattle and row crop farmers to partner in order to graze cover crops.

Nick Smith grazed his cattle on Tim Daly’s cover crop fields. The pair kept cover crop records and Nick sampled soil in April of each year.

Feb. 1 | 7-8:30 p.m. CST

Woody Van Arkel and Cameron Ogilvie will share their results and experiences with on-farm research at Woody’s farm.

Their research explored different cover crops in combination with manure applications and side-dressed nitrogen.

Learn how on-farm research like this can help you consider net returns and not solely bushels per acre.
Feb. 7 | Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Are you an intermediate farmer with six to 10 years of experience? Do you want to scale up your operation? The Beginning Farmer Summit is the place for you!

Designed with tailored tracks to support each phase of farming, including one for intermediate farmers, the summit will focus on scaling up operations, adding value and hiring employees.
Feb. 11 | Ames, Iowa | 8:30 a.m.- 4 p.m.

Focused on commercial-scale apple production, this workshop will explore keys to successful organic apple production in the Midwest, as well as strategies conventional orchards use to reduce use of pesticides and fungicides over the life of their trees. 

March 1 | Lincoln, Nebraska

This regional conference brings together farmers, supply chain buyers and researchers to share their expertise on successful farming with small grains in extended rotations.

It’s no secret that in most years, a corn crop will bring in more revenue than a small-grain crop.

So how can rotations that include a small grain make more money than simple corn-soybean rotations?

The answer is in the inputs.

Read about how Nebraska farmer, Jeff Steffen, has used extended rotations since 2015.
Members in the News
Jack Boyer of Reinbeck, IA, was featured in Successful Farming: Adopting No-Till and Cover Crops Builds Soil Organic Matter and Shaves Costs

Mark Yoder of Leon, IA, and Meghan Filbert of Pilot Mound, IA, were featured in Progressive Farmer: Put a Cover Crop in the Mix

Jason Federer of Wolcott, IA, and Matt Tentis of Kellogg, IA, were featured in Fern's Ag Insider: As the climate changes, new efforts arise to diversify what’s grown in the Corn Belt

Matt Liebman of Ames, IA, was featured in Iowa Farmer Today: Small grains could be viable third crop in the Midwest

Nick Smith of Epworth, IA, Sara Lira of Adel, IA, Ben Dwire of Arco, MN, and Lydia English of Ames, IA, were featured in Agri Pulse: Cover crops as cash crops: Farmers angle to profit off the practice

Martin Larsen of Byron, MN, and Lydia English of Ames, IA, were featured in GreenBiz: Oatly wants farmers to plant more oats. Here’s how it’s helping
PFI in the News
Practical Farmers of Iowa was mentioned in Farm News: Growing demand for Iowa’s specialty crops
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