Track & Field 2023

March 6, 2023

Greetings Alan,

All Practice is at Castaic High, including Distance

This week will be very exciting as we will have a Mock Meet,(time trial) on Saturday. This will be the first time the athletes will be timed and measured. This is also a training day, for you as parents to learn how to volunteer at our meets. The VYC is an all volunteer organization and we depend on all of you to make it great. We will be sending out a volunteer sign up link later this week so that you can sign up. We ask that all parents try at least on of these jobs this week. They are all very easy and you can lean on the spot. We volunteer to Host as many meets as possible, so that we do not have to travel as much, but we do need more help!! Please bring plenty of water for your athlete. All athletes should come in their Storm uniform!

Make up pictures will be on Saturday also from 8:15-9:15 only

Here is a list of the areas we need this Saturday:


Long Jump - record measured marks, measure marks, rake and clear sand

Shot Put- Record Measured throws , measure throws, return the shot put after throes (shagging)

Race Starter- Start each race with a starters postal ( great job for our law enforcement parents)

Finish line recorder- collect Tags from athletes and put them on the clip board for timers Help athletes get in their lanes

Tag pullers- pull tags off athletes at the end of the race or in staging

Data input - input race and field events at the timing table

Stagers/Escorts - Put athletes in order in the middle of the field and take to starting line for each race

Relay zone judges - help athletes on the track in their zone and report if they pass out of the zone

Set Up and Clean up - at the beginning and end of the race

Each week we will have different duties but after the mock meet you will be able to see each duty/ You can try to sign up at a time your athletes competes so that you can be near that area.

e are so excited for the Mock Meet. This will be the first time we will get times and marks for the athletes! It is also the first opportunity to volunteer and be a part of the action!


All athletes should arrive in Uniform at 8:00 am, we expect to be done at about 12:00 or earlier!! Please make sure they bring plenty of water


All Parents should meet in the stands at 8:00

If you ordered from our online store the items will be arriving in about 3 weeks before the first meet!

Weekly Schedule

Monday March 6 - 6:00 -7:15 for Sub-Gremlin 5/6 and Gremlins 7/8

6:00 -7:45 for all other age groups

Tuesday March 7 - 6:00 -7:15 for Sub-Gremlin 5/6 and Gremlins 7/8

6:00 -7:45 for all other age groups

Thursday March 9th- 6:00 -7:15 for Sub-Gremlin 5/6 and Gremlins 7/8

6:00 -7:45 for all other age groups- There will be a Castaic Track meet before us so we may start a little late

Saturday March 11th - 8:00 am -12:00 Mock Meet/ Time Trials - Make up pictures 8:15 - 9:00 only

Mock Meet / Time Trials

Field Event Schedule starting at 8:30

Field Events – Modified Event – 1 measured mark only

Order of event

Long Jump:  Sub-Gremlins/Gremlins, Juniors, Youth and Inter., Bantams

High Jump:  Bantam, Juniors, Youth and Inter.  

Shot Put - TBA if Coach is available, Youth Inter, Bantam, Midget

Running event, we will start with Sub Gremlins and work our way up to youth and Inter.

8:30 am

1500 Meter Run  all age groups (some age groups will be combined). no sub-gremlin

Hurdles  Juniors, Youth and Inter, With Coaches approval only, (may not run)

4 X 100 (400 Meter Relay) Sub Gremlins Gremlin Bantams Juniors Youth & Inter.

400 Meter Dash Sub Gremlins Gremlin Bantams Juniors Youth & Inter.

100 Meter Dash Sub Gremlins Gremlin Bantams Juniors Youth & Inter.

800 Meter Run All age groups if time allows

Make up Pictures 8:18-9:15 only

Click here for the Picture Order Form If you would like to order additional pictures. We will provide each athlete with a 4 wallets and a team picture.


We We are still in need of more Shot Put Coaches Please let me know if you can help or are willing to learn!!


Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans/Jolly Ranchers - We offer these at the end of every practice. We ask each family to donate 2 large packages of either of these items. We will also need parents to volunteer to put the jelly beans in a individual baggies, and help hand out at the end of each practice. The athletes love this and it helps replace the glycogen used during practice and puts a smile on their face. You can bring this to any practice !

We offer this to all athletes, if you would like sibling to take one please bring extra so that we make sure we have plenty every day!!

Sign ups for the 2023 Track & Field Season are Closed


Elaine Bingham , Head Coach Track & Field

OPEN , Director Storm Track & Field

Alan Bingham , President, Santa Clarita Track Club

The payment option is a separate option.

Pay Registration Fees
Uniform purchase is also a separate option. (Every athlete must compete in a uniform, but you are not required to buy a new one every year, if your uniform from last year or cross country is still good you may use that one, if your child has out grown it, you might want to purchase a new one).
Order Uniforms

New athletes we must have a copy of the proof of age (see below).

A proof of age document must be uploaded using the form on the website for each athlete that is New to the club. If you competed in 2022 Track & Field or 2022 Cross Country for Storm we have your proof of age document still on file.

The following items are acceptable:

1. Birth Certificate.

2. Photocopy of Birth Certificate.

3. Military Birth Certificate.

4. Passport.

5. Foreign Birth Document or Green Card.

6. Copy of School Record with documented date of birth.

7. Court decree.

8. Valid California Identification Card

Proof of Age Submit Form
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Santa Clarita Track Club
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