Volume 29
October 14, 2020
  • Healthy transitions
  • Agents of change
  • Handy reference guide
  • Looking ahead
  • Learning to listen
  • Influential ideas
"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
—Mahatma Ghandi
Industry leaders navigating a disruptive and competitive marketplace know change is evident. Patients struggling to hear and understand during daily activities are encouraged to make healthy changes. Those like HDI, seeking to serve forward-thinking experts like you with grassroots educational marketing programs, practice-branded designs and hands-on helpful support, must continually evolve. When strategic narratives like these Practice Growth Insights are created, they must transition to continually value-added pathways.

As agents of positive change, we employ high-integrity ways to raise awareness that Better Hearing is Better Healthcare by reputably educating on relevant topics and nurturing well-earned referrals, which organically deliver practice-growth prosperity. From countless conversations I vividly remember, many dedicated hearing care professionals emphasize these are the types of changes they wish to see in their professional world. We share these visions, wholeheartedly.
Last week, our handy reference guide highlighted the first 15 issues and here are others for exploration, discovery and motivation:

Focus: Automated Nurturing Campaigns and Tagging #16 – 18
Focus: Outsmart Don’t Outspend and Customer Acquisition Costs #19
Focus: Targeted Mail and Tech Upgrades #20 and 21
Focus: 5 W’s of The Core 4 #22
Focus: The Art of Hearing (Scope of Practice) #23
Focus: Most Valuable Patients (Friends & Family) #24
Focus: Pearls of Wisdom (Research Synopsis) #25
Focus: Your Patients’ Journey and Education Centers #26
Focus: Hear the Facts (Common Hearing Health Conditions) #27
As you review informative issues to date, please consider healthy changes which will energize you to increase growth momentum for the balance of 2020, in 2021 and beyond. I am eager to learn from your valuable insights and brainstorm on Practice Growth by Design.
Looking ahead, when timing is proper, we will share strategic programs targeting expansive opportunities with:
  • In-practice educational events
  • Upscale senior living communities
  • Lunch & Listen community events
  • Health fairs
  • B2B Wellness programs and many others
In the meantime, may I ask…

As you dedicate careers to helping those in need to hear and understand their best, how well do we listen or act upon our own or each other’s thoughts in managing the daily challenges of Outsmarting, Not Outspending competition? As these pages consistently highlight, HDI is passionate about listening closely to leaders like you. To mention, we will soon introduce our Motivational Interviewing counseling program with the brand promise of Learning to Listen.

By clearly hearing what best practices describe as needed to complement their current awareness and education programs, we help bring a rapidly growing flow of useful ideas to life. While mutually envisioning initiates the process, daily use activates it.
in sight in mind
Driven by this productive co-creation process, we are thrilled to introduce our Influential Ideas - In Sight, In Mind series. Upcoming issues will feature practice branding, consumer awareness and grassroots educational concepts developed over many years. In spanning our proprietary collection’s breadth and depth, our selection process will position popular designs in terms of their:
  • Why and tactical purposes
  • What and versatile formats
  • How and systematic methods
As previously indicated, our Diagnose & Treat analogy defines logical progression. By Diagnosing communication needs, we Treat with content engines you benefit from in omni-channel ways.

Regarding popular “Diagnoses," as examples, would you like to …
  • Promote your practice as locally owned and operated?
  • Proactively convey clinical Pathways to Better Hearing?
  • Better explain why third-party administrator plans are not Apples to Apples…?
  • Include understandable Hearing Aid Care and Maintenance guides with device delivery?
  • Share customized Patient Listening Journals at final fitting?
  • Send personal Thank You Cards as old-fashioned nice touches?
"You see things; and you say 'Why?'
But I dream things; and I say, 'Why not?'"
—George Bernard Shaw
With differentiated strategic plans and thoughtful attention getters in place, caring conversations are naturally triggered. In Sight, In Mind and Patient-Centric. You should know these ways to grow.
Bruce Essman
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