Volume 24
September 9, 2020
  • Most valuable patients (MVP’s)
  • 1-10
  • Start with Why
  • Share the Joy of Hearing
  • Caring conversations
  • Rewarding contests
Especially with competitive landscapes, difficult economic conditions and industry disruption, the “your most important customer is one you already have” adage is so true. In a hearing-care sense, building relationships via your most valuable patients (MVP’s), is the best proven way to grow your practice. As emphasized previously, approximately 75% of patient flow often relates to friends and family or medical referrals.
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advocacy scale
While leading practices understand the rationale, more should gain from inspirational themes and systematic processes which reliably increase friends and family referrals. In countless conversations, busy clinicians routinely self-assess their performance with respect to these core goals as “we make occasional efforts but must do better.” On a scale from 1-10, how productive is your internal referral program and are needed improvements deemed imperative?
With successful program development in mind, an inspirational theme will motivate action and purposefully serve you well for years to come. An earlier issue featured Starting with Why and this key phrase: “Precious sounds matter." In high integrity ways, we empower folks to hear and understand better at home, work and play.”

With professional intent, your team shares the Joy of Hearing with those entrusted in your care. These days, more joy is all good.
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With proper training, your Joy of Hearing referral process begins in reception area during check in. Your friendly colleague who welcomes patients kindly suggests they see eye-catching canvas artwork or countertop displays nearby, with handy referral cards at their fingertips. This team member genuinely “plants the seed” that you would appreciate meeting others in their circle of life who would benefit from personal evaluations.

Of course, the perfect time to ask for referrals is when delighted patients are in a most grateful mode. Perhaps after waiting years to act and being ambivalent about their decision, a momentous final fitting is an ideal time to gently ask what other family members, friends or colleagues they want to share the Joy of Hearing with. Albeit counterintuitive, you will probably get more positive responses by asking for just one or two folks they know, instead of requesting they list many. Comfortably narrowing the focus is easier and more effective.

Just as you provide patients the right fit with verified protocols, you and your colleagues must apply healthy habits in asking proper questions, at the right time, in your own words. When you bring better hearing to patients’ lives, with reciprocity in mind, they are naturally receptive to advocacy discussions.
As your friends and family referrals grow, so will positive financial impacts. Based on conservative $5000 average transaction value, effective referral nurturing and helping of:

  • 1 additional patient weekly creates 52 x $5000 = $260,000 of incremental annual revenue

  • 2 additional patients weekly create 104 x $5000 = $520,000 of incremental annual revenue
With respect to reducing customer acquisition costs, is there a preferred conduit than delighted patients?

Since expanding patient advocacy requires dedicated teamwork, many employ creative methods which motivate colleagues to stay on task with fun practice culture initiatives and monetary incentives. To monitor results, our simple point system-driven contests tracks how many referral cards are shared, brought back or result in purchases. Complete with easily understood rule structure, positive progress can be rewarded at individual, location or team levels, with more happy patients and your growing practice winners on purpose.
Raving Fans
With your Joy of Hearing friends and family campaign planning to surpass expectations, next week’s Core 4 focus will be on medically-focused wellness referrals. For each topic, from the “Pearls of Wisdom” research synopsis to patient handouts, Hearing Health Education Centers and tactical displays with “Did You Know?’ cards, your practice growth profile will be evidently clear.
Bruce Essman
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