Volume 34
November 25, 2020
Last week’s issue concluded with:

"As patients are more familiar and impressed with your high standards of care, it is an ideal time to educate them on specific best practices such as real ear measurements. In next week’s issue, we will introduce a creative way to change their outlook by drawing analogies between hearing and vision. See you soon…"

In view of our Thanksgiving holiday, I decided instead to look back and share reflections, returning next week to our grassroots educational marketing journey. Sometimes, what is “on the menu” needs to adapt, speaking of which…

It was March 26, 2020 when, with Elevate the Profession intent, our Practice Growth Insights launched.
Now 8 months later, who could have imagined how our world would have changed since, personally, professionally, nationally and globally. Please invest a few moments to read our initial issue which began with:

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

As a community, nation, and world, we must now navigate daily impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Every day, our hearts and compassionate thoughts go out to all those affected in so many ways. In the weeks and months to come, as challenging events evolve rapidly, being hopeful and helpful will serve us all well.

Followed by:

As caring audiologists, you know how important it is for patients to be able to communicate effectively with loved ones, friends, colleagues and other healthcare providers. In the months and years to come, you will empower those in need to best experience the joy of hearing and improve their quality of life. 
With the holiday season upon us and hopes for better times in 2021, I take this opportunity to express thanks. Amid incredibly challenging times our country faces, I am thankful for….

  • Healthcare heroes, in all medical professions, for their dedication, expertise and compassion.
  • Parents admirably juggling family and career responsibilities in difficult circumstances
  • Those who genuinely practice The Golden Rule with every interaction, each day
  • Talented hearing care professionals dedicated to helping their patients communicate well
  • Essential workers, on the frontlines, keeping our economy functioning in many vital ways
  • Amazing scientists rapidly inventing vaccines and other lifesaving treatment options
  • Teenagers and younger adults working hard to be and keep us safe, despite intense peer pressure 
  • Teachers and students doing their best to, despite so many obstacles, learn from a distance
  • First responders and firefighters doing battle with natural disasters on behalf of our fellow citizens
  • Those serving in our military and their families, for their sacrifice in protecting our country

In the spirit of the holidays and for that matter, every day, might we all benefit from electing gratitude as an attitude? I am confident I will and always do my best to lead by example.

As many of you know, I am an avid fan and devotee of Seth Godin, whom I admire immensely on so many levels. In my lifetime of learning, I express special thanks for his amazing dedication to share precious wisdom in his blog, now at 7500 days in a row and counting. Can you imagine?

Among his impressive array of “make things better by making better things” projects, kindness always features empathetic focus on those we seek to serve. He also created “A new holiday tradition, The Thanksgiving Reader as something your family can do together, transforming the holiday into something even more memorable.” His thoughtful gift for all to see and share:
Have a wonderful holiday, as you reflect on all those you have helped to experience the joy of hearing and create special memories throughout the year.

“As we express gratitude, we must never forget that
the highest appreciation is not to utter words,
but to live by them.”

— John F. Kennedy
Thanks to loyal readers of our Practice Growth Insights who generously share their influential ideas in motivational ways which lead our progressive journey. I deeply appreciate your friendship, collaborative intent and all you do to help Elevate the Profession.

See you next week.
Bruce Essman
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