Volume 25
September 16, 2020
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Helpful References
  • Natural Opportunities
  • Pearls of Wisdom
  • Essential Knowledge, Well Applied
  • Unique Value Proposition
During the back-to-school season, it is timely to think about the value of lifelong learning. Consider STEM education initiatives teaching children about science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To guide bright futures, these core subjects are essential knowledge for those who may seek rewarding careers in opportune career pathways. While we encourage today’s younger students to prepare for years ahead, how successfully do we utilize our accumulated wisdom presently?

After decades of becoming a subject-matter expert, think of all you have learned about how hearing loss relates to common medical, mobility or psychosocial conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, dementia, vision loss, risk of falls and depression, among many others. Whether a Doctor of Audiology, Hearing Instrument Specialist or supportive colleague, now that you know from experience, who and how will you teach Better Hearing is Better Healthcare facts?
Many prior issues substantively discussed this imperative and please invest a few minutes to review these three references:
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Our “Did You Know?” comorbidity education program will energize your caring team with a research-based platform to systematically nurture medically focused decisions and referrals. From reception to testing, consultation and final fitting, there are pivotal opportunities to professionally deliver the wellness information your patients need and personal touch they deserve.
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In The Art & Science of HealthScapes® we detailed guiding principles of whole-person care, health literacy challenges and translational research in a patient-centric sense. At the core of each Did You Know? topic is our Pearls of Wisdom, a valuable research synopsis for you, colleagues, referral sources and occasional patients (an engineer perhaps?) eager to learn from reputable resources like you.
As best practices will attest, Pearls of Wisdom are insightful catalysts for internal reference, team training, patient consults and community outreach. Exclusively designed with a research paper flow, each edition features sections on:

  • Reference Terms
  • Introduction and Public Health Policy Importance
  • Key Research Statistics
  • Key Research Results and Discussion
  • Practical and Clinical Applications
  • Research References
By selecting pertinent peer-reviewed journal articles, highlighting intently and integrating key points, this useful resource consistently differentiates your practice. With hundreds of thousands of words distilled into a proprietary collection of concise formats, hearing care leaders are empowered to naturally convey vital educational information in patient-friendly ways.
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To facilitate learning objective achievement, our Essential Knowledge, Well Applied how-to guide details goals and utilization ideas for each section. Best practices invest monthly time in disciplined team training so, like a journal club, collective understanding and professional development are optimized. For those setting the Gold Standard, clinicians become subject-matter experts on specific sections. As examples, colleagues interested in systemic issues may select the Introduction and Public Health Policy Importance section, while those preferring numerical analysis may focus on Key Research Statistics. To each their own, with Pearls of Wisdom confidence accruing to all who participate. While aggressive competitors may lack integrity and focus on price, industry leaders realize reputably educated patients are their best hearing-care partners for life.
The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.
While Unique Sales Propositions are commonly promotional, your Unique Value Proposition and competitive advantages are educational. Clinician awareness is the catalyst and skilled hearing care professionals are often more comfortable with educational consultation than a strictly sales mantra. While hearing device fittings are a core solution and financial metric, remarkably, it is best practices education that may maximize success with numerical targets, patient satisfaction and team morale. Those who care share, especially when ideally positioned and personally motivated.

As Core 4 internal wellness referral concepts build on a Pearls of Wisdom foundation and Did You Know? comorbidity education program, next week’s issue will feature HealthScapes® mapping of patients’ journeys, the logical flow of patient handouts and prominent benefits of hearing health education centers. See you then.
Bruce Essman
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