Volume 28
October 7, 2020
  • An ounce of prevention
  • Challenging leadership
  • PGI, Start with Why
  • Elect to share
  • Prior issue review, the first 16
  • Remarkable differentiation
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
—Benjamin Franklin
While this deceptively simple phrase has medical connotations, its true implications go much deeper, if consistently sensed and applied. As we aspire to rewarding growth in our personal lives, careers and societally, proactivity is a virtue worth striving for.

As loyal readers know, we often feature analogies as thought-provoking comparatives. Consider issues related to dual sensory loss. With vision, glaucoma is “the sneak thief of sight” with few notable symptoms and no cure. Patient awareness and earlier assessments are crucial to assist those with this chronic condition to continue seeing life’s beauty. For 30 years, I have enjoyed a close-up view of how caring ophthalmologists can improve quality of life with an evolving array of treatment options which may preserve vision.

Similarly, when patients with moderate or severe hearing loss wait years to take care of their ears, would they and their loved ones have benefitted from personalized treatment solutions, of many therapeutic kinds, sooner? As we encourage patients to proactively change behaviors and are sometimes frustrated when they do not, how consistently do we lead by example?
Leadership is challenging on so many levels, but while difficult, it is imperative. Months ago, we focused on hearing care experts "Starting with Why," inspired by Simon Sinek’s brilliant guidance. For those interested in “a bit of optimism”, please explore simonsinek.com.
As we humbly celebrate almost 30 weekly issues, many ask when Practice Growth Insights™ started and Why. March 26th was our original issue date: Covid-19 & Springing Forward. Why do we seek to serve with upbeat, progressive and strategic narrative? Here are two primary reasons that issue expressed:
“As professional leaders, it is crucial to consider, in due course, why and how current events can be positive catalysts. Just as September 11, 2001, taught us more about airport security or hurricanes and tornadoes show the impact of destructive weather patterns, what kinds of aspirational responses might COVID-19 trigger?
“While guiding principles like The Golden Rule are timeless, sometimes unforeseen events increase their significance. While public health policy imperatives and educational awareness have always been important, their prevalence in our daily lives is now heightened. From whatever media sources we select, reputable experts provide perspectives for us to be better informed citizens.”
With every opportunity to be of service, we are devoted to practicing The Golden Rule, enthusiastically so. Sharing is caring and by documenting Practice Growth Insights™ we have learned from industry leaders nationwide; we elect to share.

As our strategic narrative’s journey progresses, each purposeful issue and groups of them flow logically. While all prior issues are listed in current one’s footer (see below), by request, we now provide handy reference guides for all those to date. Here are focal points of our first 16 issues, with the balance next week.

COVID-19 & Springing Forward, as emphasized above.
Focus: Communication Wellness #1 – 2
Focus: Comorbidity Education and the Art & Science of HealthScapes® #3 – 5
Focus: Planning for the Other Side #6
Focus: Social Currency, Educate Well Monthly and Take Science Seriously #7 – 9
Focus: MD Referrals #10
Focus: Going Digital and E-Newsletters #11 – 12
Focus: Facebook and Good Humor, Healthy Hearing #13 – 15
Being inspired by Starting with Why, next week’s pivotal issue will conclude reviewing our strategic narrative to date and preview our upcoming Influential Ideas - In Sight, In Mind exhibition. With an extensive collection of high impact ideas to share, upcoming issues will explore The Why of targeted designs and detail How best practices growth is systematically achieved.
"When positioning a brand,
aggressively avoid becoming a 'me too'
by assertively being a 'who else?'"
—Crystal Black-Davis
Remarkable differentiation will maximize competitive advantages and growth potential for years to come. Come rain or shine, we are eager to help bring your leadership dreams to life.
Bruce Essman
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