Volume 34
November 18, 2020
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Further due diligence
  • Seize the opportunity
  • Your Quality of Life, Our Trusted Advice
  • Our Experts, the Right Fit
  • Check in conversations
5 puzzle pieces
With your empathetic guidance, as evidence-based diagnostics indicate, patients are destined to contemplate deeply personal hearing care decisions. While proactively communicating your clinical flow can set expectations and reduce anxiety, experience underscores frequently asked questions to which explanatory responses may encourage healthy adoption of prescribed solutions. Led by this goal and The Golden Rule, sharing easily understood answers will serve your patients and practice well.

To proactively develop mutual understanding, industry leaders also address due diligence questions not always top of mind. While some patients’ decision-making processes require more details than others, ideally they recognize how your high-integrity standards exemplify professionalism, best practices and compassion. When investing in your clinical expertise, advanced testing, ongoing training and continuity of care excellence, the more who are cognizant, the better.
These Influential Ideas' rationale:

By anticipating queries and highlighting best practices, you will provide the hearing care information patients need and personal touch they deserve. Instead of being frustrated by those visiting your clinic or referral sources not understanding your practice’s differentiation, seize the opportunity to specify key attributes. As highlighted previously, to mint social currency, your unique value proposition must be remarkable.
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As candidates seek fact-based decisions, many may not realize which factors are vital to achieving optimal outcomes. At this nexus are clear opportunities to emphasize what matters most and why. Interestingly, this represents another classic Diagnose and Treat communication scenario, pivoting from “I wish they would ask”, to triggering relevant questions. To promote productive dialogue, this Your Quality of Life, Our Trusted Advice design was developed. As shown, two versions are available, one featuring a team picture.
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While every audiogram may describe a patient’s hearing care status, how is your hearing care mission memorably explained? After all, mutual storytelling nurtures deeper connections, meaningful loyalty and healthy choices. These rewarding catalysts are at the heart of your best practices story and strengthening competitive position.
As proudly exhibited on this informative Our Experts, The Right Fit design, each focal point identifies an integral way you deliver value beyond the hearing device, with other products, exceptional service and lifetime partnerships. Once again, two versions are available, one featuring team picture.
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For those promoting unbundled models, just imagine how these customized visuals will increase awareness and prompt advocacy of the benefits of your service-related pricing transparency.
Envision these Influential Ideas being In Sight and In Mind with attention-getting placements:
Our process of co-creating these Influential designs is efficiently done. Simply:
  • Reference customized design developed with leading practices
  • Advise required additions, deletions or modifications
  • Review practice-branded design in days, not weeks
  • Provide explicit feedback on desired revisions
  • Promptly receive final draft for review and approval
  • Get quick delivery, display prominently and establish daily use

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds that you plant."

— Robert Louis Stevenson
As patients are more familiar and impressed with your high standards of care, it is an ideal time to educate them on specific best practices such as real ear measurements. In next week’s issue, we will introduce a creative way to change their outlook by drawing analogies between hearing and vision. See you soon…
Bruce Essman
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