Volume 2
April 9, 2020
Communication Wellness experts should feel empowered in knowing Simon Sinek’s 2009 “Start with Why” TED Talk has been watched 10’s of millions of times and his inspiring book has sold millions of copies. For easy reference, here are 2 links: TED Talk and Book. And based on experience, learning from both is time well invested. As you will see, one essential point is that “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

While deceptively simple, that phrase is constructively challenging. Why do you do what you do?
After years of formal training and clinical experience, how would you, especially in a post COVID-19 operating environment, answer this meaningful question to a patient, team member, peer, loved one or aspiring hearing care professional?

As instructive guidance, Simon brilliantly introduces the “Golden Circles” concept with Apple Inc., an easily recognizable example. For brainstorming purposes and by way of analogy, please review these 3 illustrations:
If Communicating Well is one CORE “Why," then this essence should be strategically infused into all your practice branding, culture and grassroots educational marketing initiatives. Led by a genuinely patient-centric “Why,” it is imperative to consistently express this central message to your team, patients and local healthcare community in professional ways which are “loud and clear.”

More patients will Communicate Well when motivated to make evidence- and research-based care decisions. By learning more about common hearing health conditions and how hearing relates to other common medical conditions, those in need and their supportive loved ones can properly evaluate the ideal timing, personalized solutions and quality of life benefits you will help them achieve.

That’s Why educational leadership makes good sense and our upcoming Practice Growth Insights will focus on the vital need for patients and practices to focus on hearing health comorbidities. As we rediscover our “Why,” we will purposely explore “What” and “How.”
I welcome your important feedback and am eager to talk whenever best. We genuinely want to help you grow your practice, for months and years to come. That’s Why.
Bruce Essman
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