April 2, 2020
As times change, we must adapt. These catalysts can trigger healthy habits, if we clearly see and nimbly act upon them in progressive ways. As years pass in busy lives, there are many things we “never have time for.” While time scarcity is constant, the ever-present challenges of continuous improvement can inspire.

Over the past decade of co-creating grassroots educational marketing programs with talented collaborators and practices nationwide, I’ve always aspired to consistently share strategic and tactical thoughts that are creative, helpful and the right fit. I’m adapting, with positive intent, and appreciate the opportunity to introduce Practice Growth Insights. 

During these changing times, having the daily pleasure of brainstorming with key opinion leaders, I delight in being an avid listener. The closer I listen, the more I learn, being eager to genuinely share with like-minded folks. I invite you to join me in practice growth journeys with patient-centric focus, so we can learn from one another, enthusiastically progress and do our parts to Elevate the Profession.
Wellness is such a commonly used term. While frequently referenced in general terms, specific guiding principles can lead to healthier lives. With physical wellness, we think of exercise, counting steps, reps, or trips to the gym. With mental wellness, we ponder degrees of happiness, self-esteem and the power of positive attitudes. While physical and mental wellness are intuitively vital, we know there are dedicated experts who motivate devotees to improve quality of life. From professional trainers, to physical therapists or psychiatrists to meditation and yoga instructors, wellness pathways are deeply personal. 

While physical and mental wellness discussions prevail, would talking more about Communication Wellness make sense? Especially when social distancing is imperative, personal connections should take on a deeper meaning. From home, we want to converse best with loved ones, friends and colleagues. From phone calls to Facetime or Skype to Zoom, what mechanisms facilitate discussion and nurture relationships? As healthcare consumers, we need optimal ability to have and understand complex medical dialogue. How can critical decisions be made and care instructions followed if not clearly understood?
Having invested in years of training, professional meetings and CEU’s, who is better than you, with precious experience, to empower those who must Communicate Well ? While advanced technology is the platform, your personalized solutions are the method. With noisy environments and challenging listening situations common, your professional skills in guiding patients to successfully navigate them is essential. Just as precise testing equipment provides basis for evidence-based diagnostics, your hearing care expertise and perceptive understanding of lifestyle needs aids those you serve to connect best with all in their circle of life.
Your specialized talents are integral to all those entrusted in your care and those who should be. In the coming weeks, let’s explore high integrity ways to further educate current patients, prospective patients and fellow healthcare providers. By continually helping more patients Communicate Well , you will “Amplify Your Influence” to the benefit of your practice, community and profession.

I look forward to consistently sharing Practice Growth Insights and welcome your valuable feedback. Whenever best, let’s talk.
Bruce Essman
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