Volume 15
July 8, 2020
  • Real-time reactions
  • How it looks
  • Content menus
  • Good Humor, Healthy Hearing
  • See what’s funny
  • Local donations
  • Marketing funnel
As intuitively clear amid a cluttered media landscape, remarkably relevant content stimulates current and prospective target audiences to engage with your web-based touch points. Akin to expertly fit hearing devices delighting patients, customized content should properly fit those you seek to serve. As real-ear measurements assess hearing performance, real-time reactions to select Facebook content indicates how this feature-rich platform may well enhance your brand and practice growth profile.

With content management aims, we introduced ten interesting categories to complement your current Facebook page View here and guide practice-branded content synchrony from one omni-channel to another. To follow are creative examples of how your Facebook page can encourage subscription.
With comorbidity awareness essential, Educate Well Monthly planning calendar construct and tinnitus prevalent, here’s how your Facebook Favorites campaign posts will be seen responsively on desktops and for many, mobile phones. Click image to view larger.
Like eye-catching store displays, in sight is in mind and may trigger calls to action. Said simply, your target audiences need to see it to share it, where, when and how they want. With easy implementation, just imagine the turnkey benefits of this content foundation, keeping in mind Facebook’s billions of daily page views

Although our medical focus is primary, as with different tastes in food or drink, those viewing your Facebook page have different content preferences. While we may not have something for everyone, diverse content menus provide more ways to attract most people. Case in point, especially these days, everyone should enjoy a bit of comic relief.

With an appealing blend of fun spirit and informative intent, we proudly introduce “Good Humor, Healthy Hearing,” a whimsical collection of Soundz Familiar designs created by Mark Pié, a talented cartoonist who was featured in The Hearing Journal. View article.

While comorbidity education is research-based, there are also thought-provoking references in the literature about how humor can improve patient communication efficacy. Helpful Research Have a few well-earned laughs and enjoy this humorous collection of proprietary designs that can make education fun, create teachable moments, engage patients kindly and stimulate more referrals. See what's funny!

To show strong support of Mark’s creative passions and practice the golden rule, for all practice growth investments made in “Good Humor, Healthy Hearing” content for the balance of 2020, we will donate to a good cause you select in your local community. From our “Better Hearing is Better Community” perspective, a bit of humor and kindness just makes sense.
With your Facebook page marketing, smartly-planned content adapts to desires of those viewing it. By directing intuitive ads towards specific audiences, you thoughtfully promote communication wellness, new product launches, special offers and invitation-only events. Using Facebook’s targeting tools, relevant messages match up with distinct segments of your viewing audience including:

  • Those aware of products and services but undecided on whether to purchase
  • Folks considering products and services who may be influenced by helpful details or testimonials
  • Converts from potential to current customers, worthy of aftercare support excellence
  • Loyalists being pleased customers who regularly invest in your trusted products and services
  • Advocates actively recommending your practice who are creatively nurtured in value-added ways

With Educate Well Monthly strategic planning calendars, E-Newsletters, Wellness Wednesdays and Favorite’s categories highlighted, we sense remarkable opportunities for you to affordably capitalize on Facebook’s marketing functionality with high return on investment in months and years to come. Let’s brainstorm and get on the same page.

To expand our omni-channel communication versatility, next week’s issue will feature Professional Touch Campaign concepts and sequenced messaging which nurture prioritized patient encounters. From first appointments to those not yet helped, from annual checkups to out of warranty and technology upgrades, you will systematically deliver the right message to the right patient at the right time.
Bruce Essman
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