Volume 11
June 10, 2020
  • When, Where and How
  • Website Assessment
  • Going Digital
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Outsmart, don’t Outspend
  • Omni-Channel and Disney
  • E-Newsletters
  • Communication Wellness Heroes

In distant times, we watched TV on 3 primary networks. Fast forward and we now see a world of choices in targeted content, digital platforms and delivery methods. Clearly, mass media gurus prompt diverse audiences to enjoy selected content when, where and how they want it. With Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest” theory in view, how successfully are hearing care professionals adapting to evolving digital preferences?

As consumers, are we motivated by “too common” or “something different” that respectfully, creatively and informatively speaks to our needs, wants and dreams? Like every grocery has produce, milk and bread, every practice has a website. If we surveyed 100’s of your patients, on a scale from 1-10, how pleased would you anticipate being in their assessment of interest, engagement with and advocacy for your website? Are mutually beneficial ways to expand helpful content evident?
While we will explore in-practice initiatives in upcoming issues, implications of COVID-19 and hopefully its aftermath, dictate 2020 emphasis on going digital. In self-evaluating your digital footprint, what are indicated strengths and weaknesses? While you capitalize on key strengths, you should address notable weaknesses. With social currency goals integral, how remarkably has your Unique Value Proposition been articulated so it is more actively seen, understood and admired? Pragmatically, these practice-growth goals are best achieved with clear plans, integrated methods and progressive benchmarks.

Your digital footprint is fertile ground to tell your unique practice story in engaging, patient-centric and easily-shared ways. As you extol virtues of Communication Wellness with advanced hearing technology, carefully crafted digital media will channel your competitive advantages in outsmarting, not outspending, competition. To complement their current online content, leading practices confidently deliver essential knowledge to serve their patients and community well for years to come. Case in point is our “Did You Know?” comorbidity education program, in a thoughtful variety of informative ways.
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Broadly speaking, Omni-Channel Marketing refers to messaging consistency and versatile awareness touch points in practice, in community and online. Instinctively, your core media should feature practice-branded content that is reputable, relevant and differentiated. As a phenomenal reference in showcasing proprietary content, Disney delights global audiences by embedding engaging stories in popular culture. Consider how world-famous characters are promoted in movies, parks, books, stores and Disney+, now approaching 60 million online subscribers. While few rival Disney’s marketing prowess and storytelling, there is so much we can learn from them.
While Disney is magical, your medical practice should leverage proprietary content too. Strategically, your website should promote Communication Wellness with research-based comorbidity information for patients who have or know someone with heart disease, tinnitus, diabetes, dementia, vision loss, kidney disease or at risk of falling. Integrating organic educational features will improve viewer engagement, visit duration and SEO rankings with greater efficacy than commonly copied excerpts or Tweets. With your digital “home base” earning engagement, informative “Educate Well Monthly” E-Newsletters stay in touch with database contacts, while concurrently, you gather more email addresses from patients and referral sources. To expand your digital footprint, learn about our “Wellness Wednesdays” campaign via Facebook with data-driven techniques which increase community exposure. As logically turnkey and in-sync solutions, gear up for growth with these winners.
At this pivotal time, in searching for must-have content, The Art & Science of HealthScapes ® is at your fingertips. Let us ensure you gain strategic benefits and higher ratings with omni-channel marketing at “Going Digital’s” leading edge. In next week’s edition, your practice-growth story invites a closer look at how to integrate customized “Educate Well Monthly” E-Newsletters.

While celebrating healthcare and other heroes on COVID-19’s frontlines, your talented team can be Communication Wellness heroes in helping more folks to stay connected with family, friends and colleagues. You can do it, we can help.
Bruce Essman
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