Volume 5
April 29, 2020
Right before our eyes, at unprecedented speed, business conditions have changed. Given this disruption’s rapidity, progressive decision makers should take comfort in and capitalize on timeless guiding principles. As we “ Diagnose and Treat ” comorbidity education initiatives, it is imperative to embed high-integrity protocols in strategic and tactical thought processes.

To help Elevate the Profession, we promote Communication Wellness with empathetically clear objectives and logical plans to promote public health awareness.
Whole Person Care is vital. By ways of analogy, on a baseball team, skilled athletes play select positions to their best ability or homes are built by experienced carpenters, plumbers, roofers, electricians, and other craftspeople. In each example, optimal results are achieved via professionals applying their unique expertise. Similarly, in a healthcare system dependent on numerous medical specialists, talented teamwork must apply. Cardiologists expertly take care of heart disease, endocrinologists of diabetes, oncologists of cancer, ophthalmologists of vision, psychiatrists of mental health and hearing care providers of communication wellness.
Health Literacy is defined by the World Health Organization as “cognitive and social skills which determine the motivation and ability of individuals to gain access to, understand and use information in ways which promote and maintain good health. By improving people’s access to health information and their capacity to use it effectively, health literacy is critical to empowerment.” Guided by this definition, we realize there is a lot of complicated medical knowledge patients and families may not understand, especially since profound research indicates many read at grade or middle school levels. As you reflect on 1000’s of clinical encounters, on a scale from 1-10, how well do most folks understand all the diagnostic and technical information you wish they would?
While academia typically refers to Translational Research as transference of precious learnings from Lab to Clinic, HDI’s patient-centric and progressive approach defines it as “helping to translate complex medical analytics into more easily understood formats which empower the maximum number of clinicians and patients to make well-informed diagnostic and treatment decisions.” Just imagine how improved medical information transparency can benefit all involved.
With Whole Person Care as vision , Health Literacy as mission and Translational Research as method , we are eager to help your practice consistently benefit from...
The “Art” is our extensive collection of proprietary educational content , visually expressed in a high impact array of omni-channel ways. As they say, “a picture is worth 1000 words”, especially with the “Art” of how communication wellness specialists like you effectively share educational information with those in need. The “Science” is peer-reviewed data insights which amazing researchers devote years and careers to documenting. Just as there are technological breakthroughs which enhance quality of life, there are informational breakthroughs which more should be aware of. For example, how about the 2017 Lancet Commission study on Dementia Prevention, Intervention, and Care? Beyond a tweet, Facebook post or occasional mention, what is it that we consistently “do with” this type of precious evidence?

People know what landscapes and seascapes are. HealthScapes® are educational programs and visuals which map out patients’ journeys to well-informed decisions. By proactively being great listeners to industry experts like you, we’ve fostered our passion, co-created a multitude of content and honed strategies on how to support your aspirations to deliver value beyond the hearing device.
With these timeless guiding principles shaping pathways to educational excellence, we systematically provide patient-centric strategies for best practices to build success on success. Especially during these turbulent times, getting back to basics is a healthy habit. As professional educators, not salespeople, your opportunities to help more folks communicate well is more important than ever. 

In next week’s issue, we will discuss how to (think curve…) “Plan for the Other Side” and introduce our “Did You Know?” comorbidity educational concepts in graphic detail.

As always, I welcome your valuable feedback and “ in principle ” am at your service.
Bruce Essman
High Definition Impressions (HDI)