Volume 12
June 17, 2020
  • Online pathways
  • Get your message
  • Interesting features
  • High tech solutions
  • Analytical tool kit
  • Public service announcements

Consistently utilized online pathways will guide your patient and practice advocates to get in the healthy habit of engaging with your Communication Wellness initiatives. As “Educate Well Monthly” campaigns “Go Digital,” your customized E-newsletters effectively stay in touch with hard-earned database contacts, keeping “Better Hearing is Better Healthcare” messages in sight and in mind. For your target audiences and influencers to go with the flow, its dynamics must be clearly established.

Instead of worrying “how or what to promote next”, you benefit from professionally-crafted E-newsletters automatically delivered the first week of every month. Whether your database includes 500, 1000 or 10,000 contacts, in one efficient keystroke, all will get your practice-branded messages.
In each monthly issue interesting features which stimulate readership include:
  1. Comorbidity topic introduction typically related to a national health observance, such as June’s focus on Dementia during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness Month. On purpose, your targeted educational messages align with highly-respected national organizations such as alz.org
  2. Reputable research that reinforces personal relevance and public health policy imperatives
  3. Eye-catching and emotive visuals to elicit attention and perhaps empathy
  4. Full view of “Did You Know?’ educational handout View here
  5. Our Patients Say it Best testimonials highlighting personalized care you expertly provide
  6. Scheduling-focused call to action which makes appointments easy
  7. Practice branding, contact information, website and social media links
  8. With new ideas generated by thought leaders like you, recent content module additions include:
  • COVID-19 updates on safety procedures and appointment protocols
  • Pragmatic tips for handy reference, for example, July’s Noise-Induced Hearing Loss campaign featuring highlights on prevention specifics
  • For our summer’s “other side” of social distancing, practices encourage patients to get more physical activity by giving helpful references on local hiking and biking trails

All in all, lots of useful information which nurtures recipients’ tendency to refer back, act upon and anticipate what is coming next.
At this pivotal moment in planning for 2020’s comeback, customized E-newsletters are a versatile platform to consistently convey vital messages. Just as you inspire patients to adopt advanced technology which improves their quality of life, your practice should leverage high-tech message delivery systems that large media companies have invested 10’s or 100’s of millions of dollars developing. Savvy entrepreneurs know how to nimbly invest in selecting, fine-tuning and customizing “the wheel” instead of spending heavily, in time and dollars, trying to reinvent it. Like whole-person care medically, with other practice-development initiatives, everyone should do what they do best, led by your goals and talented teamwork.
With your precious contact list and our proprietary educational content leading the way, “ Going Digital’s” data-driven feedback loop is integral. Measurable metrics such as open rates, clicks, trends and recipient engagement records are the core of our analytical tool kit. By holding monthly campaigns accountable, continuous improvement flows logically as our timely reporting provides valuable learning and natural opportunities for patient followups. 

In stark contrast to salesy, your customized E-newsletters are positioned as hearing care focused public service announcements which energize patients to make more well-informed decisions. Once again, from omni-channel perspectives, creating easily shared and educational social currency promotes your influence, professionalism and practice brand. On a monthly basis your recipients will be eager to hear the facts about your reputable viewpoints as a dependable resource.
With strategic yearly planning envisioned and monthly E-Newsletters well-established, you can be “ The Boss” in bolstering your Facebook audience with a carefully integrated Wellness Wednesday’s campaign. In next week’s issue, we will detail another turnkey solution which helps you to “Outsmart, not Outspend” competition. 12 months, 48 messages and 1 primary goal, your practice growth by design.
Bruce Essman
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