Volume 18
July 29, 2020
  • Nourish Wellness
  • Tiny Habits
  • Educate Ethically
  • Automatic Messages
  • Go with the Flow
  • Tech Upgrade
Nurturing can be defined as: “To provide nourishment or foster development of.”

Especially these days, all might appreciate more nurturing. While we may anticipate caring interactions with family or friends, do we consistently expect them from healthcare providers? While some consider medical encounters transactional, best practices see them as relational, actively seeking to nourish wellness and mutually beneficial care pathways.
True believers in this healthy process realize it begins with initial contact and ideally, lasts for life. As creatures of habit, our daily patterns often become second nature or “Tiny” as described by BJ Fogg, founder of Stanford’s Behavior Design Lab. In his brilliant book, we learn about The Small Changes That Change Everything.
With Better Hearing is Better Healthcare goals, nurturing hearing care providers intuitively know what is best for patients is best for practices, colleagues, community and profession. From a “Tiny Habit’s Perspective," what systemically small changes can stimulate larger impact? As you educate well monthly and care to share daily, it is imperative to stay in touch regularly.

While you expertly convey useful knowledge in practice, are your online communication methods efficient and effective? Like treatment-focused algorithms fine-tuned via real-world experiences, automated e-mails will deliver the right messages, in your professional voice, to the right patients, at the right times. By educating ethically, you empower patients to hear the facts and can reduce negative impact of aggressive tactics others deploy which improperly distort hearing care decisions.

Why automatically? With busy schedules and 1000’s of necessary touch points, while few prefer manual methods, it is systematic techniques which maximize team productivity. To envision logical flows, we identify common patient scenarios that will admirably nurture optimal outcomes. For example, as new devices with advanced technology integrate remarkable quality of life benefits, successful practices proactively share features detail with those having older devices and warranty expirations. As you review patients’ prior product investments, consider the steady stream who populate this segment.
While triggered touch points utilize automated processes, as with diagnostic testing, we discover tactical findings from timely response data. From message receipt to opens, from reopens to clicks and ultimately “Tiny Habits” for the better, real-time reactions shape pathways to well-informed action steps. As we convert to systematic strategies, next week’s issue relates to the distinct advantages of Outsmarting, not Outspending competition. Sound good?
Bruce Essman
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