Volume 20
August 12, 2020
  • In the mailbox
  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Individuals not numbers
  • Quality not quantity
  • Enthusiastic pivots
  • As easy as 1-2-3
Just as patients enjoy personalized hearing care solutions, subject matter experts should capitalize on customized marketing initiatives with omni-channel touch points. While more patients now prefer emails, texts or social media like Facebook, many welcome something tactile in their hands. With Amazon’s delivery boxes common for those staying home, what is “in the mailbox”, when thoughtfully delivered, can inspire positive pathways.
postcards on counter
The operative question is how your targeted mail can nimbly avoid the dreaded recycling bin, enter the home and get read. Are recipients motivated by the mass produced “usual” or uniquely eye-catching formats with comfortable familiarity of practice branded identity and useful content? The fact is, to be seen and heard, we must “stand out from the crowd” in creative ways which stimulate attention and engagement.
As hearing care professionals aim to deliver trusted expertise, are USPS initiatives typically viewed as generic attempts to “fill sales funnels” or crucial opportunities for high-integrity education? Upon reflection, how often do primary care providers, endocrinologists, cardiologists or ophthalmologists think in terms of “tested not sold” patients? With quality of life intent, for patients and yourself, nurturing joy of hearing goals is clearly preferable to others who overtly convey narrowly-focused sales pitches. While many candidates may not be ready yet to adopt new technology, they welcome being communicated with as individuals, not numbers.

To maximize targeted mail campaigns’ return on investment, quality matters, not quantity. While many formats can be helpful, here is a “Better Hearing is Better Healthcare” strategy that, with proper planning, will deliver rewarding results. With comorbidity awareness imperatives, our popular “Educate Well Monthly” program can be systematically leveraged with visually interesting “Did You Know?” postcards which sync with your digital and essential in-practice initiatives.

I am frequently asked, “do you have professional looking and practice-branded designs we can mail to patients and referring providers?” In reply, folks are delighted to see this presentation showcasing another turnkey solution:
Their progressive discovery often triggers enthusiastic pivots from years of considering how to empower with informative content and systematically affordable processes.

How does it work? We make it as easy as 1-2-3.
  • Share your logo and, if you would like to feature them, provider pictures
  • Provide desired phone number and website contact information
  • We promptly create customized drafts for your review and feedback
  • Designs are finalized to your specification
  • At baseline, we learn from detailed discussion about your past mailings to fine-tune “Outsmart, Don’t Outspend” decision making.
  • Contact selections are based on key attributes including prior purchases, diagnostic testing, warranty status, referral sources and demonstrated advocacy. 
  • To “connect the dots” with educational relevance, if patients’ comorbidity factors are accessible, we can deftly inform with diabetes or heart disease information to those with related medical conditions.

Many wonder how time consuming it will be to manage “Educate Well Monthly” mailings. As a value-added service, we handle that, complimentary.

While designs are completed, we…
  • You share contact list, which we maintain in strict confidence
  • We stamp and mail, yes, actual stamps with more professional impressions

As your targeted mail campaigns’ data-driven results are analyzed, we mutually determine how to “diagnose and treat” going forward, planning useful details.

As easy as 1-2-3, that is The Golden Rule way it should be.
To build success on success with targeted “Did You Know?” postcard campaigns, next week’s issue will feature another targeted mail favorite, along with a special section on “Better Hearing, Better Community” ideas which differentiate generously, in rewarding ways
Bruce Essman
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