Volume 21
August 19, 2020
  • Split-second decisions
  • Stamp out the usual
  • Open invitations
  • First impressions
  • Tech upgrades
  • Better Hearing, Better Community
While precious sounds and engaging conversations are joyous, relevant lifestyle messages seen and responded to can stimulate prosperous growth. Healthy habits require attention and our mental barrage of daily clutter dilutes focus. For example, consider universal instincts to discard physical mail pieces instead of investing brief moments to discover potential value they deliver. The reality is, from remote control TV to grocery aisles and mailboxes, split-second decisions indicate interest or lack thereof.
outsmart don't outspend
From this vantage point, hearing care leaders should differentiate from price-focused competitors whose aggressive “cookie-cutter” pursuits often confuse more than explain, especially for consumers not properly educated on best practices care pathways. Navigating market forces is crucial, particularly with current patient relationships needing nurturing via omni-channel touch points, including the USPS. Motivated by this imperative, we creatively “stamp out the usual” with “Outsmart, Don't Outspend” solutions.
While device form factor guidance must align with patients’ daily communication goals, do we examine what presentation formats mailboxes typically receive? At home, do you desire standard #10 envelopes with mass mail imprints from somewhere USA, oversized postcards with low price and limited-time promotions or political ads? In stark contrast, classier wedding or event invitations are often eagerly opened with pleasure. If imitation is a form of flattery, we can learn to trigger engagement by invitation.
  1. We start with distinctly larger 9” x 6” practice-branded, personalized and stamped envelopes. By standing out impressively from common formats, recipients are keen to recognize targeted messages from “their Doctor.” They will also notice eye-catching front callouts that, surprisingly, are well-intended, not salesy.
  2. With simple ideas often best, our enclosure is “Hallmark card” card style with emotive and awareness related front, center spread letter and lighthearted back with motivational quotes, practice branding and contact details. Thoughtfully customized letters reflect your professional voice and patient-centric mission, which is remarkably more attractive than generic text. Experience teaches, as patients will attest, showcasing your style is intuitively best.
  3. Best practices also insert referral cards with medical or friends and family intent. Just as promotional offers “ride free” in credit card statement envelopes with no extra postage, your informative letter encourages recipients to share healthy habits with and advocate for others in need.

While many current or prospective patient segments are worthy of nice USPS touches, those targeting technology upgrades are popular. By analogy, when you last bought a new computer, was it from a previous resource, if remembered? While evaluating options, did you confront bewildering arrays of technical jargon, sales and special offers?

When current patients need hearing device technology upgrades, will they comfortably gravitate to your trusted expertise and high integrity aspirations? If you stay in close touch, you are ideally positioned and if not, reconnection is essential. Either way, our targeted mail package, with clear educational value, will deliver quality results which exceed expectations.
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To lead with Better Hearing, Better Community goals, select a locally-based good cause deemed special by your patients, perhaps comorbidity related like the Alzheimer’s Association or an essential food pantry. On purpose, we carefully develop a “You Refer, We Donate” campaign which genuinely rewards all involved. The dollar amount, perhaps $10 each, is not crucial, as your community spirit is what folks will hear about and be inspired by.
Next week’s issue will pivot to in-practice initiatives, introducing Core 4 concepts that are proven winners. Like milk, eggs and produce in grocery stores, there are strategic educational displays every progressive hearing care practice needs in place. What is in sight will be in mind, daily.
Bruce Essman
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