Volume 23
September 2, 2020
  • Identifying remarkable
  • Who should know?
  • Well-established frustrations
  • The “Art of Hearing”
  • The “Art of Vestibular”
  • A Closer Look
How do we identify and support chefs, artists, authors or other talented professionals devoting careers to honing their craft? While their specialized skills are employed over many years through real-world experience, most face constructive challenges in raising awareness with elusive target audiences. Consider the difficulty of new restaurants succeeding, painters earning coveted gallery placements or books getting formally published. How can true success be achieved if too few know what one offers is remarkable?
patient awareness
After years of formal training, continuing medical education and clinical experience, what percentage of current and prospective patients are cognizant of the numerous ways you can expertly help them? Realizing visibility goals are vital, industry leaders amplify influence via effective techniques which highlight their presence with more who should know, including referral sources.

For years, I have heard many well-established hearing care professionals express, “it is frustrating most patients do not recognize the various ways we can improve their quality of life.” Even more telling are ENT-based audiologists telling stories of patients uninformed that hearing devices were available “down the hall” in-practice. Instead, surprisingly, they were instead referred to external resources, not adhering to high standards of care. From clinical excellence and business perspectives, does that make sense?
art of hearing services
Once this awareness need was accurately “diagnosed”, we created a scope of practice design intended as a proactive communication “treatment”. From this viewpoint, The Art of Hearing is an educationally inspiring and strategic theme. While this eye-catching reference illustrates ear anatomy, it is “The Art” of how you practice hearing healthcare which brings precious sounds to life.

With omni-channel goals targeted, from canvas artwork in reception areas to practice brochures, handouts or digital versions, prominently displaying The Art of Hearing triggers those in need to get the picture. With professional services bullet points customized to your treatment specifications, this is a clear winner. With differentiation goals key, leading professionals feature areas of subject matter expertise such as real ear measurements, speech in noise testing, tinnitus treatment or aural rehabilitation. 
By popular demand for those delivering balance and vestibular care, we also provide this detailed anatomical design as a useful reference in various formats. Just imagine easier explanatory conversations, reinforced with matching handouts which drive messages home, increase retention and simplify sharing. 
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In due course, beyond in practice and digital applications, your “Art of…” designs will be ideal for community outreach with referring practices, senior living communities, health fairs and comorbidity-related support groups. Indeed, a picture is worth one thousand words.

With artistic focus top of mind, see our “Closer Look” collection of novel designs featuring (click the "Closer Look" tab):
  • Normal Cochlea
  • Organs of Corti
  • Otoconia
  • Cochlear Hydrops
From a patients’ view during clinical visits, while typical wall decorations are appealing, these unique visuals are intriguing. For example, consider how the schematic Organs of Corti images can aid describing degrees of hearing loss with respect to prevention and treatment. Similarly, our Otoconia design can assist balance patients in understanding why common abnormalities in these small calcium crystals may cause vertigo.

Amid busy schedules, you practice the artistry of engaging and educating patients, while fostering adherence to treatment recommendations. In doing so, these interesting designs will get attention and stimulate healthy dialogue. As you mentally peruse your clinical spaces, can you envision “just the right place” where visual conversation starters would be effective?
Frank Tyger quote
As more discover your Art of Hearing advantages, there will be growing opportunities to nurture valuable advocacy from delighted patients. Next week’s issue will detail how our Share the Joy of Hearing campaign systematically empowers you to do so. With Friends & Family referrals essential, this proven program is next in store for the Core 4.
Bruce Essman
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