Volume 14
July 1, 2020
  • Amazon shopping
  • Educational merchandise
  • Room for improvement
  • Educational curators
  • Systematic content management
  • Facebook favorites
  • On the same page
Amazon shopping anyone? While we recently highlighted Disney’s magic with omni-channel content marketing, what valuable insights are learned from a marketing juggernaut that, evolving from bookseller to behemoth, now remarkably garners an estimated 45% of U.S. e-commerce sales? While convenient access to a massive merchandise array is appealing, consider how well organized it all is. Find it easily, read reviews and with a single click, delivery is quick. And for sure, those buying this also wanted that. Evidently, many find it interesting how one thing leads to another.

Through similar online experience prisms, how do Facebook page viewers assess the depth, breadth and organization of your “educational merchandise”? Is what they need easily found, calling them to action personally, while motivating them to share social currency with family, friends and colleagues? While busy clinically and running your practice, especially with time-consuming safety steps, proactive content management may be overwhelming. Can you relate? 3 minute Social Currency video

For context, as social media consumers visit other Facebook pages, are they duly impressed? Personally, what do you like to see and share? Once again, starting with Why provides healthy perspective, a topic previously discussed.
While Facebook page designs vary, like dresser drawers, some appear neatly organized and in stark contrast, others look messy. From what we all typically see, trying to effectively align with Facebook viewer preferences often has room for improvement.
With our strategically practice-branded plans, consider yourself an “Educational Curator” who like art museum curators, decide which collections, designs and calls to action should be featured where, when and how. To guide modular display process, in addition to Wellness Wednesdays, our proprietary content management will — as complement to current subject matter or brand new — systematically help your Facebook page be better organized, more engaging, reputably informative and most effective. Sound good?

As high-integrity professionals who take science seriously, educational content is at the core. Building on our “Did You Know?” medical model foundation presents ideal opportunities to highlight noteworthy lifestyle related topics, while cleverly weaving in your unique practice story, expert care and personalized solutions. From their perspective, focus on what will encourage visitors to invest more precious time on your page and actively share with others. By way of analogy, when you shop favorite places, do you stay for a while and spread the good word or not? In either case, why?

By design, your diverse collection of Facebook favorites will be eye-catching and to the point. From education to humor, from lifestyle to looping, from communication wellness to personalized solutions and “Better Hearing, Better Community”, your value-added page and professionalism triggers interest. While we share a lot to start, it is what we co-create that will holistically present your “mix and match” informational platform. Just as you develop personalized patient treatment plans, together, we will bring your prime Facebook page content management plans to life.

Here's a preview of our Facebook Favorites: Collections

As Educational Curators, with many sorts of topics to feature, we will study and learn from your Facebook page, then integrate customized content modules to sync with your vision. While pivoting from anguish about “what to do next” to confident content management planning, as the look and feel evolves, you and a growing list of viewers will Like getting on the same page. With your creative process in place, on your timeline, consistent progress is fully prepared for all to see and enjoy.
Next week’s issue will detail examples of favorite selections, showing how co-created content collections will be planned, posted and promoted. Step by step, with our enthusiastic support, your envisioned pathway to amplifying Facebook influence will become more clear, resourceful and fun, all of which you will Like.
Bruce Essman
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