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This Month's Topics:
Section 125, AVMA Health Plan & Rate Comparisons
We are getting calls from clients who are receiving emails from their payroll providers, who are attempting to sell Section 125 documents for anywhere from $350-$500 per year.  Before you agree to purchase these, please know that you have options through the PVMA!  
A Section 125 plan is the only means by which an employer can offer employees a choice between taxable and nontaxable benefits without the choice causing the benefits to become taxable. A plan offering only a choice between taxable benefits is not a Section 125 plan. In other words, in order for your employees to be able to pay for benefits using pre-tax dollars, you must have this plan in place.

Through your membership with PVMA, we are extending a limited time offer on these important documents:
  • For PVMA members that have all of their lines of business with pvmaAssure/FocusHRO – the Section 125 is at no cost to you.  
  • For PVMA members that have their lines of coverage elsewhere, you can get a Section 125 document for $100, or move your lines of coverage to pvmaAssure/FocusHRO and the fee will be waived.
  • For non-members, the best way to take advantage of this special offer is to Become a Practice Member HERE and then contact pvmaAssure/FocusHRO.

** It is important to note, our Section 125 documents are good for 5 years, or when you make changes to the benefits you offer. For PVMA members taking advantage of this offer, we will lock in your fee for the renewals/changes – and for those of you that have all of your benefits through pvmaAssure/FocusHRO, we will continue to waive the costs.

To take the next steps to becoming compliant with your Section 125 documents, please submit your request and check off “HR Outsourcing/Compliance.”
Many of you may have received a recent email from the AVMA announcing that their Trust Association Health Plan has arrived. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania’s Department of Insurance has not, and will not approve this plan in the near future. We will keep you apprised of any changes in Pennsylvania’s position regarding association health plans as they occur.
In the meantime, if you currently offer or plan on offering health insurance for your employees, the best practice is to make sure you are shopping your options. At pvmaAssure/FocusHRO, we are group health insurance experts, and will make sure you are given every possible option to offer quality, affordable healthcare.

  • If you currently offer health insurance to your employees, please reach out to us so we can compare options to your current renewal. Renewals are typically sent out approximately 60 days before your effective date of coverage. If you haven’t received your renewal, we can still begin the process and save you time later.
  • If you don’t currently offer group health insurance to your employees and want to better understand the cost and options, please contact us for a hassle-free quote.
In case you missed last month's article on "Health Insurance Renewal Coming Up? What To Expect" you can access it here .
Last month we ran an article announcing the new group voluntary short-term disability program – this month we want to share a RATE COMPARISON!
We compared the employee cost of the PVMA association plan to the top voluntary benefit carriers in the industry, and here are the results for the same benefit! 

  • For a an employee between 30-39 years old, receiving $1,300 per month of disability benefit:
  • PVMA* = $20/month
  • Other Carriers = $48/month
  • For a 45-year-old employee receiving $2,000 per month of disability benefit:
  • PVMA* = $36/month
  • Other Carriers = $73/month
  • For a 55-year-old employee receiving $2,200 per month in disability benefit:
  • PVMA* = $56/month
  • Other Carriers = $95/month

* PVMA rates are compared to the average of the other carriers

In addition to these great rates, you are able to offer this plan to employees working 20+ hours per week and we only need two people to participate – no more participation requirements. And, pre-existing conditions are waived for those currently participating in another voluntary short-term disability product!

To put this plan in place, please contact pvmaAssure/FocusHRO using the form request below: 
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If you are planning on being at KVC August 15-18, please come see us at the pvmaAssure booth! We will have information on our products and services and can answer all of your questions!
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