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This Month's Topics:
HR Benefits, Insurance Renewals, and Generation Gaps
Employee benefit programs are an integral part of a company’s total compensation plan. Employers attract qualified candidates by offering a cash compensation, but many times the mix of employee benefit offerings can help win the candidate over.

Because benefits are a “function of HR,” we have staffed our company with HR certified professionals to assist you in building a total compensation plan that can help you find and keep top talent. It’s likely that you offer more benefits than you know – it’s our job to help you identify them all.

At FocusHRO, we’re focused on more than your benefits – we’re dedicated to assisting you with each of the core competencies of Human Resources. Having HR certified benefit administrators allows us to guide you along the way giving you the confidence you deserve.

It’s that time of year again – group health insurance renewal time! Most of our clients have a renewal date of 12/1 or 1/1, and now is the time to act if you want to see the options available to you through FocusHRO and pvmaAssure!

This doesn’t have to be a frustrating time, and we’ve made this an easy process. We will show you strategic options (rather than simply showing you the carrier’s options).  Out of all of our health insurance clients, almost 40% have some type of funding mechanism that has helped veterinary practices reduce healthcare costs while still offering strong plans to their employees. We can see if this works for you, too!

To submit a quote go to FocusHRO.com/PVMA or email us at info@FocusHRO.com.
Boomers, Generation X, and millennials now all share an office with a fresh crop of 20-something new hires. In this session, Brad Karsh of JB Training Solutions provides perspective on the newest wave of employees including insights into the next generation -- the Globals. Based on research spanning more than 15 years of speaking to 20,000 millennials, this program will explore ironclad truths of engaging and training 20-somethings effectively.  

Through a look at historical events, you will discover key differences between the generations and the defining moments that rocked their world and shaped their behaviors at work. Learn common workplace tendencies and tips to help assimilate 20-somethings to a team of tenured professionals. 

The hour-long event is on demand and is great information for those managing the 20-somethings.
About the Presenter: Brad Karsh is CEO and founder of JB Training Solutions, a company that simply makes work better for organizations throughout the world. Karsh is the author of three business books including the critically acclaimed "Manager 3.0: A Millennial's Guide to Rewriting the Rules of Management.” He travels the world speaking at major organizations including Marriott, Google, Harvard University, Discover, and The Chicago Blackhawks, among many others. 
FocusHRO provides a complete " Business in a Box." Most everything you need can be handled by one team:
  • Insurance
  • HR/Compliance
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Web/IT Services
Together, we give you the tools you need to "ASSURE" your practice is running smooth!