Monica Aranguren, LMT, CST-T

The Powerful Possibility to Continue
Our Therapeutic Relationship
From A New Perspective

I hope that this finds you and your family healthy and well during this crisis that we are all in together. It has been challenging for every one of us to cope with so much change with all its realities and emotions. My heart goes out to you if you have experienced pain and loss.

When our world tuned upside down, I realized how important it would be to adapt and maintain resilience in my practice so that I could get back to doing what I love and do best—providing healthcare to you, especially during what is probably one of the most stressful times of our lives. 

  I am excited to let you know that I have successfully completed an intensive course which enables me to be of greater therapeutic assistance to you from a distance. The CranioSacral Therapy instructors I studied with (Suzanne Scurlock CST-D and Lori Chinitz, PT, CST-D) have been applying this method with their other skills quite successfully for over three decades, by phone and videoconferencing. 

These marvelous new tools build on my gifts and skills developed over 22 plus years of training and practice in bodywork, energy and distance approaches. As a result, I am able to hold a profound new dimension of healing presence for you, offer support for issues concerning all aspects of your health, and help you to empower your own healing capabilities.

In the safety of your home, my skills allow me to support you from a distance in the following ways:

  • To hold a space for you if you are overwhelmed with stress, especially with the current climate of uncertainly and confusion; 

  • To help you to tune in to your inner landscape and learn how to calm your nervous system (I know several effective techniques that are simple to convey to you);

  • To help you reclaim your ability to think clearly and creatively when circumstances are challenging and stressful;

  • To have a conversation with parts of your physical body that are complaining and may be in need of my “touch” and therapeutic skills; and

  • To facilitate your physical healing on many levels through my energetic connection with you, in some cases more powerfully than what I do in person.

I am delighted to report that people are having surprisingly effective results with this work. I welcome you to try this approach which expands on our prior in-person work together. If you would like to schedule a session or learn more about it, please feel free to call, text or email me. I would love to hear from you.

Warmest regards, 

Reclaim your vibrancy, empower your health and THRIVE