Practicing the Art of Conscious Creation

Revised and Updated Class offered by Request

How do we Consciously Create our Reality?

Awareness & Attention

Desire & Intention

Clarity & Articulation

Initiative & Passion

But most of all through --

Higher Connections and the Art of Allowing

It's about managing energy frequencies and vibrations.

Physicists now agree with what spiritual teachers have said all along. Our outer reality reflects our inner world -- an outcome of thoughts, feelings and beliefs we hold. So when we learn to consciously align these with the vibrations of our deeply felt desire, we could magnetize that reality into our lives. Yes?

That is what this workshop is about. Hone those skills that create your energy attractor field towards your goal. Learn to manage your energy emanations.

You will learn to:

-- align with your deeper heart based desires,

-- connect with your innate inner creative impulses,

-- get clarity on how your dream plays out in 3D,

-- recognize hidden subconscious forces that block,

-- create a balance between doing and allowing,

-- practice tools that sustain that energetic space.

Once you register, I will guide you with pre-workshop readings and exercises, so you make the best of our time together. Bring ideas or projects you wish to start. Or ramp up the process of an ongoing one. Love to see you.

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Malabika Shaw

Malabika focuses on teaching how we can consciously, step by step, create the life we truly wish to live. Beyond the mind, she will teach you to engage with the higher omni-present intelligence. You will learn to reclaim your God given gifts and step closer to the higher purpose of your life. This spiritual journey starts with your heartfelt desire, however simple or complex that may be.

Malabika has personally benefitted from all of the principles taught here. That is why she now loves to teach these tools so others can succeed in doing just that. This mindset and the skills will serve for a lifetime.

Call, text or WhatsApp at +515 720 9520

March 21, 22, 23, 2023, Tue, Wed, Thu

7 to 9 PM EDT US Check your time here.

Last date to register: March 18, 2023

Registration Fee: 144.00 USD

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