Volume 3 | 2020
Although PTs are the practitioners of movement, during the public health emergency, the entire interdisciplinary team needs to consider the potential effects immobility and social isolation may have on recovery and overall well-being. READ MORE

Decreased gait speed and distance are strong predictors for falls in the elderly. The Walkmeter app is excellent for people who want to improve their speed and distance. You even can listen to replies recorded by your family and friends about your workout stats. 

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As we all have become acutely aware, COVID-19 and the response to the pandemic have resulted in adverse outcomes to residents of skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. Beyond the physical, cardiopulmonary effects lie the cognitive and psychosocial: isolation, delirium, depression and occupational deprivation. As OT practitioners, we must identify and champion our unique role in not only the physical rehabilitation of our patients but also their psychological well-being. READ MORE

Listening to audio books is a popular way for individuals to participate in leisure or learn more about a topic of interest. Residents can invite friends or family to listen to the same title and even create their very own book club! 

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The novel coronavirus and resulting pandemic have altered our lives in many ways. The combination of isolation, physical and social distancing, as well as an economic crisis have all impacted our personal and professional lives. Now consider the impact that continued social distancing and isolation may have on the residents and patients within our long-term care facilities. As experts on communication, SLPs know the value and need for social interaction for the mental health and well-being of our patients. READ MORE

Word games are a great way to practice and enhance word use during therapy sessions and beyond. The Word with Friends app is excellent for those wanting to improve their concentration and problem-solving skills. The best part is that you can invite friends, family, and/or “neighbors” to join in on the game!  

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Patricia Sorrells arrived at St. Anthony’s Care Center with extreme pain following two separate falls that resulted in bilateral hip fractures. As a new admission to the facility amidst the current healthcare pandemic, she was restricted to her room for her first two weeks for precautionary measures. Although she was unable to see her family and friends in person, Patricia remained in touch with them through use of her cell phone and decorating her room with pictures of loved ones.

Even when the odds were stacked against her, Patricia never faltered in her drive, determination, and motivation to work hard each day with a smile on her face. Once Patricia was able to attend her therapy sessions in the rehab gym, her progress took off even more! She especially enjoyed interacting with other patients during socially distanced group activities and looked forward to friendly conversations with other residents.

Patricia’s road to recovery had its ups and downs, but with her strong will and motivation to return to her normal routine she was determined to meet her goals, specifically focusing on improving her gait, balance, mobility, strength, ADL performance and safety awareness.

After 44 days of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, Patricia was able to return home with the ability to walk again using a rolling walker and complete daily activities independently and free from pain! Patricia plans to return to her place of employment, H.E.B., with her beloved co-workers and community.

Patricia is a true example of how hard work and positivity pays off. Thank you to our team at St. Anthony’s Care Center for helping meet her goals!
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What's GG Got To Do With It? Outcome Tracking reviewed section GG of the MDS and discussed the importance of coding accuracy and how it affects functional outcome reporting.

The Role of Therapy in Cardiopulmonary Programming reviewed elements of cardiopulmonary programming and the role of therapy in implementation. It also took an in-depth look at current, relevant information for intervention and a means to develop patient-specific care plans for patients with varied diagnoses including COVID-19.

Masked Heroes are Superheroes: A Guide to PPE Selection and Application reviewed personal protective equipment (PPE) selection and application and further discussed Reliant's Respiratory Protection Program (RPP) and the most current and relevant recommendations for infection control and prevention.
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CMS has released the proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rule outlining Part B reimbursement and regulatory updates that are beginning January 1, 2021. Because of budget neutrality, this rule reflects value increases to the “evaluation and management” codes by significantly cutting payments to other interventions, including a 9% CUT TO THERAPY SERVICES.

Now, more than ever, PTs, OTs and SLPs must act for the future of our professions.

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