Policies for the Safety of Youth and Children
Dear Reverend Clergy, Parish Council Presidents and Youth Safety Parish Administrators,

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking the Safety of our Youth and Children seriously. The Metropolis of Atlanta is way ahead of the game and that is because of you! Many parish accounts are currently active and those parishes can start uploading their potential youth workers.

Parish Administrators will receive 2 emails when the parish account is active.
  1. Welcome to Armatus Learn to Protect from armatusadmin@praesidiuminc.com
  2. Praesidium Request For Background Check Information from backgroundcheck@praesidiuminc.com

Please remember that all parishes must comply by December 1 to host any youth ministry program or event on the parish level (Sunday School) or to participate at District or Metropolis Level Event (Retreats, WYR & HDF).

All Parishes need to sign a Parish Contract.
If your parish has signed a contract and your account has not been activated, contact Praesidium to check the status of your account.

Potential Youth Workers will receive 2 emails from Praesidium and will have two weeks to comply.

  1. Learn to Protect (T)
  2. Request for Background Check (S)

Special Shout Out to Holy Trinity in Charleston, SC and St. Stefanos in St. Petersburg, FL for already uploading your Potential Youth Workers!

  • Confirm that all Parish Youth Workers are Screened and Trained.
  • Send Parish Compliance Letter and attach a complete roster of Parish Youth Workers to youth@atlmetropolis.org.
  • Insecure that no other individuals will be permitted to serve in youth ministry programs and event.
If you have questions, you may contact me at youth@atlmetropolis.org . If I am not available, you may bring all questions to Fr. Earl Cantos of the Department of Youth Safety Compliance at 480-440-2277 or YouthSafety@goarch.org.

Thank you for helping to protect all of our children and youth.

Monica Gjerde
Youth, Education & Hellenic Culture Coordinator
Metropolis of Atlanta